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    Night of Sunday 6/4/23 (Comp Night 4)

    by , 06-06-2023 at 12:01 AM (125 Views)
    Great-Grandma Versus Orochimaru
    I'm back in my childhood neighborhood back home. There's snow on the ground and sky. Orochimaru from the Naruto series is chasing me. Either he has poisoned me or I'm trying to prevent it. My Great-Grandma shows up to protect me. There are trip-wires setup around my house after I've made it. They are for Orochimaru. Setting up trip-wires checks out for Great-Grandma. She was a badass. I make it to my garage and Z from my WoW group is there. The dream presents him as a childhood friend and I accept it. I don't really meet him until much later in life.

    Starry Flyover
    It's night-time with a starry sky. I'm at the top of a grassy hill. It reminds me of the hill Dustin uses for his radio in Stranger Things to contact Suzie. There is some kind of military flyover happening. Maybe for July 4th? My friend L shows up in a small hatchback car. She was part of the flyover service. I guess she is a pilot or somehow involved. She has a phone-holder in the car with a woman's breasts as the support structure. Neat. She's driving me over to her place, but it feels innocent. As in, we aren't going to hookup. The town has tiny alleys and turns that no car I've ever seen should be able to fit in, but this car does. We arrive back at L's place.
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