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    Night of Thursday 6/15/23

    by , 06-16-2023 at 04:11 PM (176 Views)
    I'm playing a Pokemon-like game. I'm in a cave-type area.
    I can see my team, and their levels are absurdly high, like in the 10,000s. It's styled like Gen 1 where the menu sprites are weird little guys.
    Of course, the odd levels don't tip me off to this being a dream.
    My normal-type Pokemon levels up, and the game tells me that while this Pokemon isn't the strongest, it is good to use as a slave.
    It's referring to HM Slave, where you teach one Pokemon all the field related moves like Strength, Surf, Flash, and Cut for world traversal.
    When its stats come up from gaining the level, I note that attack and defense are the highest. That's consistent for a normal type. Good job subconscious.
    My brother is watching me play, and we are arguing about something. Heated argument with him yet again.
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