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    Night of Thursday 9/21/23

    by , 09-22-2023 at 05:34 PM (118 Views)
    Went to bed around 11:00PM. Used a sleepmask for the first time.

    Wisdom Teeth
    I'm at the dentist's office. The dentist reminds me of Butch Hartman.
    He's talking about how he has lost a pen.
    I talk about how there should be more colors than red/blue.
    I have impression I am here because I'm to have my wisdom teeth finally taken out.

    Recalled from earlier in the night.

    I'm in a city, its day-time. I'm in an alley somewhere.
    Recalled from earlier in the night.

    Visiting Grandmas
    I'm standing outside a small home, it's night-time. There are some fairy-lights around.
    I'm with my family (Dad, brother, sister, and Grandma P) and we are visiting Grandma M.
    Grandma M is very short. I got to give her a hug and I need to practically kneel to do so.
    We enter the home and start to help my Grandma P unpack.
    My brother and I are to share a room on the left, with two twin size beds in it.
    My Grandma P's room is just across the hall on the right, but there is a laundry room there.
    The laundry room resembles the one Grandma M used to have, but the orientation is wrong.
    Someone is taking out a kid's costume of some animal out of the drier.

    Recalled upon awakening, around 7AM.

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    1. Oneirin's Avatar
      I never used sleep masks until my wife got me the manta when we started dating.
      Now I'm all about them.
      theshirecat likes this.
    2. theshirecat's Avatar
      Yeah I'm actually liking it a lot. Woke up this morning and realized it was blocking a ton of light from the bathroom window (which is the glass-brick style so I can't easily cover that). Daniel Love suggests them in his book (Are You Dreaming?) so I thought I'd give one a try. Loving the book so far. If you haven't already read that one, I'd highly recommend it. Damn them mantas are good lookin' masks. I just have one off Amazon.