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    Night of Tuesday 1/16/24 (Comp Night 11)

    by , 01-17-2024 at 04:53 PM (170 Views)
    Desert Cave Adventure:
    I'm driving with my girlfriend on an expressway at night in the desert and we are being chased by a gunman.
    My coworker, A, shoots the man in the head.

    The Desert Gunman.

    We're parked now, and looking at the body.
    There isn't blood or gore, rather, just a hole where the bullet went in.
    I'm driving a smaller quad-wheeler now and I offer my coworker a place to stay.
    He agrees and gets onto the quad-wheeler. We discuss the logistics of how long he will stay with us.
    It's daytime now and we are still driving. Ahead of us is a twisty turny mountain, closer to a course from Mario Kart than to reality.

    Desert Road Spirals.

    I miss a turn, and now I'm carefully maneuvering around a spiral road rising around a small pillar-like structure.
    We eventually reach a sandy cave entrance where the road ends.

    Desert Cave Entrance.

    There are two arrow shaped signs ahead. The one pointing left says "Mafia" and the one pointing right says "Goomba".
    We choose Goomba and proceed.
    As we go deeper into the cave, there is a glass display case on our left. It appears to contain Game of Thrones paraphernalia.
    I notice one of the Night's Watch coats in particular, alongside some swords and other weapons. They may have been numbered.
    At this point in the hide, we are expecting an award. The cave opens up into a larger chamber, almost like a grand palace or tomb.

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    1. Iluzjusz's Avatar
      What happened to you girlfriend? Disappeared somehow in dream or she was a background character?
      theshirecat likes this.
    2. theshirecat's Avatar
      She stayed with me, but the coworker disappeared. Also, the four wheeler was definitely a car again by the time we got to the spiral roads