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    Night of Tuesday 1/9/24 (Winter Comp Night 4)

    by , 01-10-2024 at 04:18 PM (160 Views)
    Coffee Splash:

    I'm in a long square-like room, sort of like a trailer.
    My Grandpa R has just died, and his casket is on display.
    I keep thinking that the body is going to stand up.
    Highly emotional feelings. My Dad is there with me.
    We're tasked to set the casket aflame in some ritual and we are hesitating to do it.
    Later in this process the casket goes down a serpentine system of pipes into fluid.
    Later I am in a huge banquet hall-like building, with a theater attached.
    I'm walking over to a concessions stand. I find a couple of fruits with barcode stickers and try to scan them.
    A woman nearby says that this cannot be bought, even though the scan goes through.
    I've come home to my current garage. There is a small circular folding table setup.
    My laptop is setup there, and my brother has an identical one setup for him next to it.
    My sister is with us as well.
    I'm having an argument with my brother. He thinks I'm being too easy-going, and not allowing our sister to mourn.
    This makes me angry, because I want to deal with grief my own way.
    I notice a cold mug of coffee on the table, and I splash it in his face.
    Trying to remove myself from the situation, I start to pick-up and leave.
    My brother grabs my laptop's power cord, preventing me from going.
    I wake up angry.

    Shooting for the Girl:

    I'm on a roadtrip with my girlfriend, her mom, and a young guy.
    The guy is a friend of my girlfriend's mom, and I suspect that she is positioning him as my replacement.
    I'm checking out at the counter, buying some snacks. I pay for the guy's food, trying to be cordial.
    He seems to appreciate it, not outwardly trying to steal my girlfriend. He is friendly.
    We leave and head outside. We are driving a large semi-truck.
    A middle-eastern looking man follows us outside and seems angry.
    He points out that I'm carrying wrappers, and going to make a mess in the car.
    I notice a dumpster nearby and try to basketball-shoot the crumpled wrappers into it.
    My shot is miserable. Embarrassed, I pick-up the clump and place it in the dumpster.
    I'm worried that bad shot just affected my chances against the guy.

    Game Night:

    I'm playing a Yu-Gi-Oh inspired card game with my girlfriend.
    Taking just a couple turns, I've already cleared her side of cards and attacking her life points.
    The values on the cards are in the single digits.
    Later I'm playing a mid-generation Pokemon game.
    Looks like it might have been DS or 3DS era, with animated 2D sprites.
    I'm controlling a Magneton, except it is made from four Magnemites instead of the usual three.
    I use an attack called Tetraelectro Blast or something similar.
    The animation has four distinct stages with accompanying sound.
    Basically, it looks accurate to the games.
    I'm in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel with someone in a large empty warehouse.
    The atmosphere is dark and foreboding.
    We have fully 3D virtual monsters, like in the show.
    My opponent has summoned the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
    But it is multiplying. Four heads. Five heads. Six heads...
    It's the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra now.
    The entire warehouse is filled with the oppressively huge heads and necks of the monster.
    This monster gets so comically large that I'm nearly trapped by the slithering necks moving around me.
    I see a light on my left side. I duck by one of the snaking necks and escape.

    The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra. Made with Bing Image Creator AI.

    False Awakening:

    I wake up and start telling my girlfriend about the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra.
    She has put a couple Monster Energy drinks on the foot of the bed for me.
    My room is perfectly rendered, down to the real-life detail that my girlfriend is up early for an important work meeting.
    I go over to the bathroom and look in the mirror.
    I see that my eyes are large and white, with the pupils faded like a blind person's.
    I start to freak out and wonder what is wrong!
    The eyes correct themselves after I blink a few times.
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    1. Lucid-Wannabe's Avatar
      That's a seriously epic image of your dream! One moment you're facing monsters in a warehouse and the next, monsters at the end of your bed.