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    Night of Tuesday 10/17/23 (DILD)

    by , 10-21-2023 at 09:50 PM (216 Views)
    Went to bed at ???

    Bad Pheromones
    I'm in a school/college situation. It may have been mixed with my work cafeteria. ER from work a few years back is there.
    I default to hiding my interest in her (as I did in waking reality), thinking that there is not a high likelihood of that interest being returned by her.
    There is a vague situation where I smell bad (lack of deodorant, dirty clothes etc).
    This makes the situation all the more tense.

    Recorded at ???

    I woke up from my alarm and started to get ready for work. I showered, dressed etc. But then I decided to call in for the day (and went bad to bed) because I felt crappy. So, that technically makes this a mid-morning WBTB, but I wasn't going for any kind of timing goal here.

    Went back to bed around 8AM.

    Getting Lost at Costco
    I'm at Costco with my girlfriend.
    I do a nose RC out of habit and
    become lucid. I also do a hands RC, and I have baby-hands branching off my fingers. Nice.
    I'm thinking that this is a great opportunity to try baked goods and see what they taste like in a dream.
    Ape-brain kicks in at this point though, and activities ensue with my girlfriend.
    She comments that since this is a dream, it doesn't matter that we are in public.
    After that, I try to find the bakery section but lose my lucidity before reaching it.

    Summoning Snow
    I'm at home and did a nose-RC in the hallway, becoming lucid.
    My brother is there. He had a nerf gun, but I mostly ignored him.
    I did stabilization (narrating, rubbing hands/feet). I had the presence of mind to try to stand still, observe the dream environment, and ground myself.
    The dream started to fade, but I managed to hold on. The same dream reformed, and I repeated my reality checks + stabilization. I felt pretty happy about this.
    I reflect that maybe past dreams 'fading' were just my brain attempting to wrestle lucidity from me and succeeding. But this time I beat it.
    I went out to the living room area, it's a long room instead. I wanted to go somewhere more interesting.
    I remember one method for traversal is association/reframing, and also that my previous attempts at portals have been lackluster.
    I think about where I would like to go and decide on a snowy place. I wonder what association might help my brain generate such a place.
    I decide to imagine an ice pick and search around the living room for one, but no luck. I head outside.
    There is a bit of snow on the ground, sort of like when snow that had been there previously has mostly melted. I find the ice pick on the ground in the yard.
    I vaguely recall seeing my brother outside too, but then there was an older woman there. Not someone I recognized now or then.
    The woman tries to advise me on lucid dream ability. She tells me that I have done well, but need to move on now.
    I take the advice to mean my summoning of the ice pick went well, but I should try something new.
    Where there is normally brick wall in my yard, there is a wooden fence. There is a beautiful New Zealand-esque grassy field landscape beyond the fence.
    I jump over the fence and fly into the distance.

    Alternate Silverlight
    I am in a futuristic city with silver skyscrapers, lucid, and flying around.
    I wonder whether this place is another interpretation of Silverlight (a fantasy forest I've been trying to get to).
    I'm in a crowd with some DCs. The DCs know I am there, lucid, and dangerous to them. They have been warned by something.
    I didn't do anything with these people and just flew off again, enjoying the dreamscape. This environment is much more interesting than my typical lucid dream fare.

    Recorded around 10AM.
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