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    Night of Tuesday 12/5/23

    by , 12-06-2023 at 08:34 PM (114 Views)
    Fixing the Plant:

    I'm at my current home in waking life, out in the yard.
    I've started to plant something. I vaguely recall it may have been a hunk of meat.
    HM from the Tots and somebody else are there.
    I go back in the house for something and then return.
    The two of them have 'fixed' my attempt at potting the plant by adding sugar to it.

    Peachy Party:

    I'm at my Grandma's current basement. There is a party going on with a large group of people.
    There's a football team with blue and white colors I'm sarcastically following. I'm watching them play a game on my smartphone.
    The team is here now, and some of them are jocks. One of them is holding up a sign. It is all symbols.
    I intuitively understand it to mean "no girl delivery people." The symbol is a smiley face with long hair, circled with a line through it.
    Later I'm hooking up with Princess Peach at the same party. We are under a stairwell. It is pretty vivid.
    After the deed is done, we pass out on the floor, not concerned if anybody finds us.
    In the moment I consider this a chad-move.
    At some point in the night another person puts a blanket over the two of us.
    We wake up and it is revealed that someone has taken pictures of us during the act.
    The pictures are crudely edited, with cutouts over faces. I see us over by a TV center.
    We are both embarrassed that there is evidence now.
    I'm standing at another part of the room with YK from college.
    Lights are dark now, and the scene is more sinister.
    YK is scared that somebody is going to get him.
    He is trying to hide and I follow suit.
    I go to hide in a back area near the water heater, but YK tells me that hiding place is too obvious.
    I turn and go to find a new spot, but now I'm out in the open.
    I see my bike and my girlfriend's bike there, and I accidently bump into them.
    They make a loud noise as they fall.
    An old lady carrying what looks like a harpoon gun appears from the top of the stairs.
    I ask her why she is here.
    "I'm here to kill you," she replies simply.
    She points the gun at me, and I grab it, trying to point it away.

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