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    Night of Tuesday 3/28/23

    by , 03-29-2023 at 05:35 PM (143 Views)
    The Transforming Mech-Wheelchair Man
    My brother is staying with me. He was sleeping in a guest room the night before and has cleaned it up respectfully. Then I'm in the same house, but working retail at a nerdy shop. Possibly downstairs or just a different room. A customer comes in and asks about seeing physical toys. He is a hobbyist. I show him some Star Wars helmets but that isn't what he is looking for. I take him somewhere else behind the front desk and there is a build-your-own robot setup. There is a tiny black mech-like robot that I am controlling with a remote. The mech changes into a small man in a small wheelchair but I don't notice the change. I'm still controlling it. The hobbyist is impressed.

    I'm in a high-school environment, in a classroom with about 20-30 desks facing a chalkboard. I'm taking part in a competition soon.

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