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    Night of Wednesday 1/3/24 (DILD)

    by , 01-05-2024 at 06:32 PM (102 Views)
    Miles to Meters With Grandpa:

    I'm on vacation with my girlfriend's family. Mostly her's, but a few representatives from mine are there too. We are all staying at a large ranch-style home.
    Recently I have woken up from a dream and I have my phone out ready to record audio for it.
    The dream within a dream I am remembering is apparently a lucid dream, where I noticed my girlfriend sleeping next to me.
    She is twitching and making quiet pained sounds. From experience I know this is a nightmare.
    After a few tries I successfully wake her up.
    So, I want to find somewhere private to record this dream, but there are people everywhere I go.
    I walk from the living room, to a hallway, to a den that looks like a room from my ex's Dad's house.
    All crowded with people. I make my way outside eventually into the yard.
    It's vibrant green, summertime, as typical for my dreams, with some yellow shine effects.
    I'm in the garage now with somebody that the dream indicates is my girlfriend's Grandpa, but he doesn't look like him.
    We're in a car together and parking it by pulling forward into the garage.
    He wants me to measure some distance from where we are to the parking spot, so he hits some big square buttons on the dashboard.
    There is a digital indicator with a two digit number followed by an "m" for the units that comes onto the dash after he has hit the buttons.
    I say outloud that "Ah! That must be miles...oh wait that doesn't make sense...meters!"
    I'm worried that I look stupid in front of him...not wanting to embarrass myself in front of my girlfriend's Grandpa.
    I ask him why we are measuring this in the first place and he excitedly says "So that we get to hit the buttons!"
    This strikes me as odd, so I do a nose reality-check.
    I can breathe. This is a dream.
    I tell the Grandpa that this is a dream, and he gives me a strange look. Like an "oh shit, you've figured it out" look.
    I attempt to transform him for certain experimental purposes, but it doesn't work.


    I'm in a mall-like building, in a large diner similar to something like a Coney Island restaurant.
    There is a clothing store nearby that, within the story of the dream, I am very familiar with.
    It seems that I have worked at this mall for a long time.


    I'm with my brother and my girlfriend in the living room. My brother hits my girlfriend. I'm enraged.
    I catch her, and then within seconds I've knocked my brother down, without thinking about it.
    He tried to defend his action, but I'm not listening. In my mind, he has no excuse.

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