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    Night of Wednesday 11/8/2023

    by , 11-10-2023 at 06:04 PM (131 Views)
    Went to bed around 11:30PM.

    Berries with the Tots:

    I'm with JM and JV from the Tots group. We're at a store modeled after the Pokémon Centers from various Pokémon games.
    There is a deli nearby in the same store selling lunchmeat, as well as Pokémon merchandise lining shelves on the walls.
    I'm looking at some berries, and the perspective changes such that I'm using a menu to scroll sideways through the different berry options.
    There are arrows up and down to change the quantity of berries to buy. There is a price that dynamically updates as well.

    Recorded at 5AM.

    Kitten in the Kitchen:

    I'm at a house. I get the impression it is a new thing, as in somebody has just bought it or started a rental arrangement.
    There is a front door area with a kitchen on the left. There is a mudroom type area on the right. The layout is vaguely similar to my parents' old home in northern Michigan.
    I'm standing in the kitchen near a plate with some food on it. There is a small kitten near the plate, attracted to the food.
    The kitten is black and longhaired, similar to how one of my cats from childhood, Oreo, used to look.
    I pickup the kitten to show it to my girlfriend who is in the kitchen nearby.
    I get the impression the situation is a 'meet the parents' type scenario.
    I'm with my Grandma P in a bedroom area from the same house.
    She seems to be sharpening chopsticks to resell as a business.

    Recorded at 6:45AM.

    254 words for the night.

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