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    Night of Wednesday 3/20/24

    by , 03-22-2024 at 04:39 PM (57 Views)
    I'm at a party scene. It reminds me of C&B's wedding reception from a few years back.
    I'm standing over by a carpeted area near the bathrooms. It looks like a similar location from work now.
    There is a person telling me that there is a tiny man that lives inside my car.
    I'm in the bathroom now standing in front of a mirror.
    I'm holding a shotgun, and the end of it is formable like clay.
    I'm fiddling with the end of the gun.
    I'm outside at night by my car with somebody.
    We are opening the hood of my car to look for this tiny man.
    We call out to him, and silence.
    Then, we hear a voice that sounds like it is deep underground.
    The voice tells us his name is ____ Stufwell, and he is on his way up. He has a fun accent.
    I notice that there is a rat standing in the hood of the car, and try to warn Stufwell.
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