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    Night of Wednesday 4/3/24 (Comp Night 6)

    by , 04-04-2024 at 05:14 PM (40 Views)
    Before WBTB

    I set my alarm for 6 hours from now, make a plan to stay up for about 30 minutes when it goes off, and then go to bed.


    No recall. I spend some time incubating a dream where I am in the lamp-post area from Chronicles of Narnia where Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus. The goal being to transition directly from waking into this dream. I've grabbed onto lamp-posts and other objects before to "pull myself into" dreams, so it seems like a good strategy. I write up a dream where I summon Daniel Love, ask him for advice on teleporting, and then go through a portal to arrive at Silverlight. This takes me about 30 minutes and then I return to bed. I have some difficulty going back to sleep, but eventually I get there. No WILD sensations though.

    After WBTB

    Chasing Daniel:
    I’m in my bedroom, and I remember that I was just going to sleep from a WBTB and perform a nose RC [1]. Aha! This is a dream.
    I get up and start looking around. I can feel the dream is unstable so I start to rub the floor with my hands, and (as is tradition) lick the wall. It still tastes like wall.
    I recall that my first task is to summon, so I go to the bathroom door in front of me and imagine Daniel Love behind it.
    I pull the door open and check the whole room, including the area behind the opened door. He isn’t there. Crap. Maybe I was too rushed?
    I go to the kitchen and my Mom and Dad are there, talking about something. I pay them little attention.
    I do notice that the kitchen table is covered in pizza boxes, empty two-liters, and crumpled up paper. I reflect about how my brain is this good about characterizing my past.
    I make it to the fridge, thinking I want something to eat, and sure enough there is an apple in a bottom drawer in the fridge [2].

    Successful summon! First task complete!

    As I try to grab it, I feel the dream destabilizing.
    I try to focus and go back into the dream.
    I hear my Mom’s voice from outside my room.
    Wait. My Mom isn’t alive. It can’t be her.
    I perform a nose RC. This is a false awakening [3]. I get out of bed again and try to stabilize more vigorously this time, but the dream fades.

    I’m outside a small shop, and I remember that I had just been stabilizing. Nose RC:
    Lucid again. I recall that I want to summon Daniel.
    I see that there are two people in the shop: a customer facing away and a person tending the register.
    The customer is the one facing away, so I imagine that when I see his face, it’ll be Daniel.
    I approach him and I notice the back of his head looks like what I expect Daniel's would look like. Short black hair.
    But when I extend my hand out to meet him, he says “not him” [4]. This is a dark skinned man with a mustache. Nope.
    He shakes my hand anyway though. I try to turn-around-and-turn-back to get him to transform into Daniel, but no luck. The dream starts to fade again.


    Day Time Practice
    Reality Checks (Good) = 1pt

    Induction and Recall

    WBTB (Success) = 2pts
    [1]: First DILD = 10pts
    [3]: Catch a False Awakening = 2pts

    Dream Control Tasks

    [1]: Reality Check/Stabilize = 1pt
    [2]: Basic Summoning + First Task = 5pts + 5pts = 10pts
    [4]: Interact with a Dream Character = 2pts

    Night 6 Total = 28pts
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