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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Night of 4/13/24

      by , 04-15-2024 at 01:52 AM (Dreamlog)
      Hazy Maze Cave:
      I'm in a large space reminiscent of hazy maze cave from Super Mario 64.
      I'm with Azula, Mai and Ty Lee from Avatar the Last Airbender.
      I've won a battle and hooking up with Azula is the prize. Fairly vivid.

      Elsewhere in the cave there is another large open section with more openings on the left and the right. The further one has a portal or time-related effect. Stuck in time.
      I find some old stuff of mine there.

      I’m leaving my car and walking through the parking lot to get to work. There is an escort standing by the turnstile with some pen and paper. She wants to give me her name and number.
      I already have a sheet of paper and make a weak excuse. She fills her's out instead.
      My hands are full with stuff and I finally struggle through the turnstile. My coworker B’s wife, J, asks me if I have my ant colony and my ant friend with me.
      I quickly say yes, but then realize I don’t. Annoyed, I make my way back through the turnstile and head to my car.

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    2. Night of Wednesday 4/10/24 (Comp Night 13)

      by , 04-12-2024 at 09:03 PM (Dreamlog)
      The Body Snatcher:
      I’m at work and there is a horror movie scenario going in.
      There is a body snatcher or imitator alien infecting my coworkers. Similar to gameplay I’ve been watching recently.
      J from my old work group is upstairs in my current building.
      He is acting off. I suspect him of being the body snatcher or affected by it.

      I'm outside and there is an army invasion.
      I have a vague understanding that the attackers are from the government, in other words, betraying the people.
      It’s dark and scary. The army men look fit and uniformed in dark. Helmets cover their faces.

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    3. Night of Tuesday 4/9/24 (Comp Night 12)

      by , 04-12-2024 at 08:59 PM (Dreamlog)
      My dad is being investigated by a stereotypical gumshoes style detective.

      Champion of Farore:
      I’m in a volcano area. Similar to Death Mountain Crater from Ocarina of Time.
      There is a game mechanic where you must choose one of the three goddesses to support. I’ve chosen Farore.
      She has a large wizardly looking hat. This outfit that has the best stats, but there is another more simple one with tan cloth.
      There is a menu screen similar to Final Fantasy. I’m using an item called token and it teaches a move with very high special attack called Prometheus. But it won't be active until tomorrow. I understand this to mean tomorrow, real world time (not game time).
      To progress, you have to equip and unequip specific gear to show support to your goddess and then talk to npcs by doors leading deeper into the mountain.
      My point of view is similar to Pokemon now, where there are trainers that must be defeated with the gear equipped.
      Din’s trainer is a bulky looking bald guy, and he is the last one I need to defeat.
      The doors have opened pre-emptively but I go to defeat the last trainer anyway for the experience points.

      I’m in a park area, and there is a bulletin board in front of me. There is a war happening. Chaotic scene.

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    4. Night of Monday 4/8/24 (Comp Night 11)

      by , 04-10-2024 at 04:33 AM (Dreamlog)
      Swamp Assignment:
      I'm at work forwarding an email to my boss.
      Itís from another team. They are complaining that they have to buy a motorboat for the swamp assignment. They've already had to buy other swamp equipment like a bucket and want more budget.
      I'm concerned that my boss may have already been on the chain, and I might annoy him with making him see it twice. Also concerned about his jet lag.
      I'm in a grassy place in the wild all alone. There are tall reeds where I suspect there is water.
      There is a bookshelf with Harry Potter books. I look through them and notice that the book style doesn't have the colored metallic letters that I like.
      I see some girls nearby and wonder if they are Harry Potter fans.
      There are some shower-like areas nearby. They are built into a free-standing rock structure.
      I reason that we are meant to choose a book and go to the shower to read it.

      Chase sequence in a parking structure.

      False awakening where I cant open my eyes all the way. I notice some seductive princess themed merchandise on my side table. The wrappers are pink.
    5. Night of Saturday 4/6/24 (Comp Night 9)

      by , 04-08-2024 at 02:12 AM (Dreamlog)
      I'm on a hockey team and I know I am the worst player.
      My hockey stick wont stay together. There is some mechanism to put it together that I can't get my mind around.
      There is a warmup the team is doing that required eggs.
      My entire carton was busted, eggs cracked and leaking inside.
      Then the was an issue with my skates. The coach had to ask another player to help me.
      I feel useless and like a burden.
      We eventually make it to the pre-game huddle.
      The coach calls me out for my bad mobility on the ice.
      According to him, I struggle to turn around and keep my balance while doing so. I know it is true.
      I contemplate leaving the team so that I don't drag the team down anymore.
      Maybe I will practice on my own to reach base level, return, and get my honor back.
      I wake up feeling defeated.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    6. Night of Thursday 4/4/24 (Comp Night 7)

      by , 04-05-2024 at 05:14 PM (Dreamlog)
      A tall and friendly looking man wakes me up by putting his hand over my face.
      I'm in my childhood home, the room on the left end of the hallway. My girlfriend is with me in the bed.
      The room is empty apart from our mattress on the floor.
      I tell the man that normally I would have freaked the fuck out, had he not done the same thing yesterday morning.
      He also wakes my girlfriend this way. She gets up and starts to get ready right away.
      I reflect that maybe I should wake her that way due to how effective it was.
      I go downstairs and I'm now in what I know to be a middle school orientation day.
      I walk past K and also B from marching band, who tells me a story about his dog and vet, while we ascend an escalator.
      I get to a dorm-like room that apparently used to be where I stayed, but I am moving out for the next batch of kids.
      The room is 90% bunk beds, with a narrow path between them.
      I have a bottle of diet coke on my bed, and the new person has moved it to the top bunk.
      He has put his coke zero bottle in its place.
      There is a CRT monitor mounted to the wall, with voice activated ChatGPT.
      My girlfriend’s mom is there and I want to show her how it works.
      I ask ChatGPT what color its favorite dragon is.
      It seems to address the question at first but then rambles off.
      I justify that this GPT must be modified to be "hip with the kids" or something. The text is hot pink on the readout.
      My girlfriend’s mom introduces me to a new packaging format for a fruit/protein drink.
      It is 26oz and basically just two smaller ones merged together.
      I tell here I should look into this.

      I wake up at my current home and realize I can't hold off from going to the bathroom.
      I reflect that I should lay off the Metamucil. The bathroom is weirdly open to the outside on the right side.
      It is also my childhood home's bathroom, not my current one.
      There is more detail to this uh event, but I will not type it out here.

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    7. Night of Monday 4/1/24 (Comp Night 4)

      by , 04-02-2024 at 07:09 PM (Dreamlog)
      Before WBTB

      Mount Grump:
      I'm standing on a mountain, with the cliff to my left. The area resembles Pride Rock from The Lion King.
      On the rock wall to my right, there is a slot hole. It appears that a hand would fit in there.
      I'm trapped in a mountain cave.

      I'm watching the Game Grumps play a modernized Donkey Kong 64.
      They are controlling Squawks the bird from Donkey Kong Country 2.
      Arin is having the bird shoot red pellets at wasps as they ascend a square-ish grassy area.
      As he ascends, there are buttons he needs to shoot in a sequence.
      Dan makes the comment: "This is soooo much better than the 2D original version!"
      He also comments about being trapped in the mountain earlier.

      After WBTB

      My friend B from back home is crawling through a vent. We are in a sort of manufacturing facility.
      The vent has poisonous gas in it, so he is making a sacrifice for us.
      He is trying to get a game cartridge. It might have been a Nintendo DS one.
      Later I'm playing Pokemon with someone. The player has a "fat" Pikachu.
      It's a regional exclusive Pokemon. It looks wide, sorta like Hey Arnold.

      I'm stranded in a park-like area with my coworker H.
      I believe the scene started off in a rocky-cave, but later transitioned to the field.
      We aren't directly working together, but she has her own area off to my left.
      At one point she has taken off her top, presumably to try and wave it around and grab attention.
      I crane my neck so that I can see her, and I notice that her chest is different than I expected.
      Not mad about it though.

      I'm at a small bar with H from the Tots.
      I notice there is some spilled water or beer on a hightop nearby.
      There is also a karaoke setup off to my right.
      The owner of the bar comes out and tells us that we can have the bar if we want it.
      I start to imagine the possibilities, and the logistics of owning a bar.

      I'm at a Doctor's office with my Dad.
      He breaks the news that his brain inflammation has gotten bad.
      And also that he has cancer.
      I'm struck with grief. Frozen. Unsure what to say.
      I slide down the wall I'm leaning against and sit on the ground.

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    8. Night of Sunday 3/31/24 (Comp Night 3)

      by , 04-01-2024 at 05:48 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm intimate with a woman with long curly black hair.
      I false awake into my bed and see the bedroom door slowly creek open.
      A little girl who looks straight out of a horror movie quietly slides into the room.
      She approaches the bed. Her mouth isn't moving but I hear crying.

      My girlfriend wakes me up. The crying I heard was my mouth making noise through sleep paralysis.

      North Korea:
      I’m driving with my brother on an expressway.
      I miss a turn and he starts to berate me.
      I get upset and leave the car.
      I'm in a sort of parking structure.
      I have some basketball gear and am now looking for somewhere to change into my shorts.
      I see a security woman and she approaches me.
      She tells me I shouldn't be here, but I communicate that I'm looking for the Basketball room.
      She begrudgingly lets me go, and directs me to an elevator off to the left. It’s a big furniture-moving elevator.
      I get in the elevator, and notice there are a bunch of Asian-looking teens.
      When the elevator gets to the bottom, off to the side, there is an exit for a “breast reduction center”.
      The main entrance up ahead though, is into a hotel with red carpeting. It seems like a lobby.
      The teens are speaking another language and are interested in me, getting all up in my face to the point where I am worried for my safety.
      I realize that I am in North Korea.
      We exit the elevator together, and I start trying to communicate.
      I bounce the basketball, hoping that we could play a game and maybe form a bond of sorts.
      The ball bounces far too high (but I accept this).
      The teens seem friendly. I go to grab my phone and try to find a translator, but all I can find is text to text translation.

      North Korea is Best Korea.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    9. Night of Saturday 3/30/24 (Comp Night 2)

      by , 03-31-2024 at 09:27 PM (Dreamlog)
      Iím staying somewhere in a swamp-like area. Like a hotel.
      There is a patio type spot with a bed so low to the ground that it is nearly level to the water.
      I tell my girlfriend that we should have stayed in this room, but I know she wouldn't have wanted to deal with the water.

      Swampland Hotel.

      Firelord Putin:
      Two Fire Nation brothers are coming towards me, leaping over tall buildings to get to me.
      They want me to come see something.
      They've invented something to find the Avatar.
      Itís a big ATM-like machine. It beeps and boops and makes a confirmation sound, printing out a receipt.
      Then another group of guys appears and questions what we are doing. We try to keep the info secret, but they know.
      The Fire Lord and Zuko are giving a speech to the Fire Nation on a stage in front of a large crowd.
      Iím in a large group including people from every nation. Tenzin from Legend of Korra is part of it.
      The Fire Lord is talking about loyalty and exceptional individuals.
      My group slowly sidles onto the stage and fills in behind the Fire Lord, catching him off guard.
      I notice the Avatar is with us too.
      When we come into the crowdís view, the speech stops abruptly.
      The adults are sent off to a room with the Fire Lord to discuss a treaty.
      Iím now back in a regular hotel room, with J from high-school. I notice she has a small mustache.
      We are sharing a bed, but more like a field trip way than a romantic one.
      I start to unpack and setup the bed. There are about six people in the room.
      Some of the group returns from the war room, and the situation has instead changed into us being the United Nations, and the Fire Lord being Vladimir Putin.
      Somebody is telling us how the UN was grilling him about things like Area 51 and similar, and how he danced around the questions.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Night of Friday 3/29/24 (Comp Night 1)

      by , 03-31-2024 at 09:12 PM (Dreamlog)
      Iím watching somebody play a modded version of Mario 64.
      There is a central town square. Itís circular and has tall buildings all around.
      Mario has been modded to be Crash Bandicoot.
      He has a hammer attack and the sound clip he makes when attacking is from a meme.
      The player goes down an alley and arrives in a large flooded lake area.
      We are discussing some seams in the edge of the rockwall keeping all the water in place.
      It looks like the beginning of the second water level in Mario 64.
      Later weíre in a store from the town.
      Iím physically there now, no longer watching somebody play the game.
      It seems to be a convenience store, but it is all messed up.
      There is a flooded section, where a wave of water repeatedly is knocking over shelving and causing chaos.
      An employee is blaming me for it.
      I tell them they should move product away from that section. They get angry with me.
      Weíre upstairs in the store now. This doesnít seem to be meant for customers.
      Daylight beams in from a window.
      My coworker B is here now, and somebody else.
      B is talking about something he is most proud of me for achieving, but I donít recall doing it.
      I admit I donít know what he is talking about.
      The other person claims I abandoned the people I supposedly promised to help in Bís story.

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    11. Night of Thursday 3/28/24

      by , 03-31-2024 at 09:06 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm in a game resembling Banjo-Kazooie. I'm flying around a neighborhood, exploring.
    12. Night of Wednesday 3/27/24

      by , 03-28-2024 at 04:35 PM (Dreamlog)
      It's daytime.
      I'm driving with my girlfriend's Mom in the passenger seat through a roundabout.
      Traffic is slow. A policeman on a motorcycle signals to pull me over.
      I've been arrested. I'm at the police station in an interrogation room.
      The woman interrogating me is talking down to me, but I know I've done nothing wrong.
    13. Night of Monday 3/25/24

      by , 03-28-2024 at 12:40 AM (Dreamlog)
      La Bamba:
      A boy and a girl are fighting in a hallway.
      The boy is looking for his sword, the girl has it. It is a double blade, with velcro holding it together.
      The girl doesn't give the sword back to the boy.
      It is night-time, with a blue-green feel to the scene.
      The classroom is a portable pod, similar to the ones from my elementary school, but closer to the ground.
      I'm in the scene now and notice the sword outside the classroom door.
      I've returned to the classroom, and know that I am late.
      It is a band room, with the regular odd variety of sounds coming from people warming up (or messing around).
      I hear a violin, and notice how out of tune it is. I reason that, if I were to learn that instrument, I would suck at it for a time too.
      M from the clarinets in high-school marching band starts to dance and play a "La Bamba" type tune in front of the group.
      The teacher highlights him, and then the class joins in.
    14. Night of Saturday 3/23/24

      by , 03-28-2024 at 12:32 AM (Dreamlog)
      I'm laying in bed, and I think there might be a home invader.
      I can hear noises coming from the kitchen.

      There is a hot-tub car outside that has a mechanism to drain the water and then transition to driving mode.

      My girlfriend's sister and her friends are over at our house eating snacks.
      They are very loud, so I go over to talk to them.

      I'm at the edge of a city with towering buildings.
      The buildings abruptly end and transition to dirt.
      The drastic change reminds me of the border of Thousand Needles and Feralas from World of Warcraft.
      The whole scene has a grey-ish tone to it.
      There is a cloaked woman on the other side of a large gate.
      I know that she is bad, the antagonist.
      I go to reason with her, and she convinces me to let her in.
      Her power decreases as I become more confident, and the threat dissolves.

      I'm at a rooftop party with J from the Tots.
      There are two small dogs on a landing above looking down at us.
    15. Night of Friday 3/22/24

      by , 03-28-2024 at 12:24 AM (Dreamlog)
      I'm with Androids 17 and 18 from Dragonball Z, and a coworker.

      King's Training:
      I'm in a warehouse-type area on a metal stairwell going up.
      There is a line of kids, classmates, lined up for try-outs.
      An intercom announces that the King's Tournament will begin soon.
      I remember that the King's Tournament is for basketball.
      A group of 3 kids in front of us recognize me and the person I am with.
      They seem impressed that we have King's Training.
      There is a sense of belonging in the group. Something similar to how I felt in marching band from high-school.
      In this situation I was the senior, inspiring the younger ones.
      The person in front of me in line is up. He messes up his free-throws and become very frustrated.
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