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    Simple Lucid Dream Goals

    by , 12-06-2023 at 10:06 PM (139 Views)
    I've decided to pare back some of my loftier goals. The idea here is to get a better understanding of my dreamworld and practice stability techniques.


    1. Observe your hands. Record how they change in detail. Number of fingers? Distortion? Do they stay the same over multiple look-backs?
    2. Narrate what you are doing in the dream outloud.
    3. Go with the flow. Let the dream happen with as little modification as possible. Look out for your common dreamsigns and note them as they appear.
    4. Directly observe text changing. Will it into something specific. Practice this in-dream the same way you do it in waking life.
    5. Maintain awareness through traversal of any kind. How does your brain bring you from one set to the next?

    Acronym: HNFTT (Hands, Narrate, Flow, Text, Traversal)

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