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    1. Night of Saturday 7/20/24

      by , 07-21-2024 at 06:24 PM (Dreamlog)
      The Reservoir:
      I'm at my Grandma's current home in the basement with my niece. She wants to show me "the reservoir".
      I have no idea what she means, but she is gesturing toward a small crawlspace door on the wall. I follow her through.
      Feeling is definitely creepy in here. A ladder leads deep down below the house.
      When we get to the bottom, it resembles the basement we just left, but darker and more decrepit.
      Over in the living area, there are some wizards having an argument.
      Each of them has a staff with a jewel of a unique element (Fire, Ice, Electricity).
      There is a sort of alert, and everybody has to hide.
      I stay out, and try to get stock of the situation.
      The situation resolves, and I try to indicate to a group hiding nearby in alcove that the coast is clear.
    2. Night of Wednesday 7/17/24

      by , 07-18-2024 at 08:30 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm in a big open convention space, with thick carpet and lots of red/gold colors.
      It turns out this is a hotel, where there is a mixup with where we were supposed to stay.
      I'm on a school trip with the cast of My Hero Academia.

      Grocery Store Flight:
      I'm in a grocery store that reminds me of one I went to as a kid.
      I'm running a sort of tower defense game, where people (mobs/creeps) will attempt to make it past my shelves and reach the goal.
      I add some bricks to a back area, forcing a specific path.
      I also formulated a strategy where I would add a block completing a blockage, waiting for the group to move, and then remove and rebuild it on the other side creating a loop.
      I'm seated at a small table with a coworker, face to face.
      I'm giving her a status on something quality related.
      She happens to mention lucid dreaming as a topic she is interested in.
      "Oh yeah! I just had one of those last night!"
      I pause, and with all the mental quickness of a drunken sailor, come to the conclusion that since we are talking about lucid dreaming, perhaps I should complete a reality check.
      I plug my nose and try to breathe. I can...but I don't draw the conclusion...then I do a second check and it falls again.
      "Hold on, am I really dreaming right now?"
      I look at my hand as a third check, and sure enough, I have five fingers plus a thumb.
      This is a dream!
      I immediately take off and start flying [1]. As I float into the air I wave to my coworker.
      "Have fun working!"
      I fly off into the heights of the grocery store, and happen upon a ledge high above the shelves.
      I start going through what I need to do for goals, and remember my first goal is to summon (I forgot that I already achieved this in my last lucid).
      I decide to try and summon a puppy. So, I wish for a puppy to appear on the upper ledge area when I land and it comes fully into my view.
      No puppy. Boo. However, there were vases all around, so I decide to break them for fun.
      I lie down on the ledge, and remember that I was trying to teleport before.
      New tactic: I'm going to lie down, pretend I'm on grass, and then hope the rest of the scene transforms to match.
      It doesn't. Boo. I also find some doors and try to use them to teleport. Nope.

      [1] Fly.
    3. Night of Tuesday 7/16/24

      by , 07-18-2024 at 08:04 PM (Dreamlog)
      Before WBTB

      I'm at work, being questioned about a quality process. LC is there, gesturing toward an area of the production floor.
      There is a grid of square objects that I'm not familiar with.
      We're at the part of the floor where the fitness section used to be.
      Feeling is neutral.

      After WBTB

      Smol Pup:
      I'm driving with my girlfriend around our neighborhood. I asked her why we are out here, and she doesn't know.
      Later I've walked down to town and wandered into a store.
      My arm is resting on a side table, and I notice a small puppy's tail wagging and hitting my hand.
      He's a small little guy, and seems happy to see me. I feel a strong emotional bond immediately, but I don't RC.
      I start talking to the store clerk, and they are trying to sell the puppy to me.
      There is a second puppy, that is bigger, but also cute.
      I tell my girlfriend about the store and she wants to see the puppy, so we go back.
      We go back to the store and there is a back area with a bunch of cages and even more cats and dogs.
      There is a security guard there that isn't happy about our trespass, and the fact that we woke up the animals.

      You Can't Hurt Me:
      I wake up in bed, but I remember that I had just been doing a WBTB, so I do a nose RC.
      I can breathe.
      I'm dreaming! But my body feels really heavy. I remember what I read recently:
      The first thing I should do is take stock of the situation to help it stabilize. So, I stay in bed.
      "This is a dream. I just became lucid. I'm in a dream bed in my dream house."
      After a few moments, I try to get up again. It works. My body is free.
      I get up and out of bed. Closing the door behind me, I notice that the hallway is dark.
      "Lights up!" - but nothing happens. Oh well.
      I turn the corner into where my kitchen should be, but there is a wide open living room-kitchen setup.
      It resembles my landlord's setup, with the kitchen on the right and a bigger living area straight ahead.
      My girlfriend is on the right in the kitchen, my brother is further back in a living area, and his wife is further back in another den area.
      I try to make my girlfriend naked by looking at her and then looking away, but no cigar on that.
      I recall that I should start going for points...what was my three-step? Summon! My first step was summon!
      I vaguely consider what I should summon, and decide on a weapon.
      I think about a machine gun, and when I turn to look at a nearby kitchen table, there it is [1].
      I pick it up and it reminds me more of a paintball gun than the real thing. Whatever. I don't actually want to hurt anyone here, so I start dotting the ceiling with bullets.
      The gun makes a muted sound, and leaves perfect bullet marks like in Goldeneye 64. My brother notices me doing this and asks me what the hell I'm doing.
      He pulls out a desert eagle and points it at me.

      "Go ahead and start shooting. This is a dream. You can't hurt me."[2]

      Come at me, bro.

      He starts unloading his weapon into me, and I feel nothing [3]. Rather than shoot him, instead I grab him by the leg and start throwing him around like a ragdoll [4].
      He doesn't end up injured, but this does end the altercation

      Not going to lie, it felt pretty damn good.

      Then I make my way over to a side room where my girlfriend is and do some naughty things with her. This wakes me up.
      I'm back in bed, but I remembered I was just dreaming,
      so I do another nose RC[5,6].
      Still dreaming! I'm super excited that I had hit two out of my three tasks (I've never completed the three-task before!) but I forgot the middle one is "ask for advice" not "interact with a DC".
      Regardless of that, I decide that I want to try for #3: a teleport.
      I get up easily from bed this time, no body calibration needed. Though in retrospect maybe some stabilization would have been good.
      I open the bedroom door and enter the hallway. I decide that I will imagine Silverlight Forest on the other side of the wall, just out of my view.
      Rather than try the slower "turn and wish" method, I change up my style and take off at a sprint around the corner as fast as I can.
      I'm thinking "Forest! Forest! Forest!" hoping that I can finally make the teleport work.

      I accelerate to super speed [7], and the world starts to morph around me. I'm going so fast, I should have hit the far wall of the house by now, but nothing is impeding my motion.
      I get excited as I see a spec of green. Then another. And another. A green plains zone starts to form in front of me. It has World of Warcraft graphics.
      There are Fire Elementals dotted all over the field. The visual is now half house and half Warcraft, with digital blocks transitioning between the two.
      I'm excited that I'm going to pull off a teleport FINALLY!
      But before I can slow down and settle into the scene, I wake up.

      [1] Reality Check / Stabilization
      [2] Basic Summon
      [2] Interact with a DC
      [3] Gain Invulnerability
      [4] Super Strength
      [5] Catch A False Awakening
      [6] Reality Check
      [7] Super Speed

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    4. Night of Monday 7/15/24

      by , 07-17-2024 at 01:12 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm at my desk at home working on something.
      I hear a blood-curdling scream from a woman I can't see.
      I'm terrified. My girlfriend shakes me awake. I was making sounds in my sleep again.

      I'm in the kitchen of my current home, sitting my a TV. I'm with my brother and we are playing a Nintendo 64 together.
      It's some kind of noir-detective game, where the protagonist is a fox.

      I've overused my hair medication. My hair is falling out in clumps.
      I'm scared that I'm going to look terrible.

      I'm at the varsity football stadium from high-school.
      We're performing the 2008 marching band show.
      I get called out for not knowing my dots (location on field).
      My Mom is on the sidelines, and she is excited that I've found socks that fit.
      I go back out to the field and mess it up again.
      I'm inside the school now. My girlfriend is there with a puppy.

      I'm playing a game that resembles Super Smash Bros, except it is in 3D instead of a 2D plane.
      I'm with my friend A, and we're playing together at his house.
      There are many ways to win the game, racing, knock-out, and others.
      I'm playing as a monkey character.

      I'm at my childhood home, and there are donuts downstairs.
      My sister is upstairs, and there is a portal on her door.
      I have a puppy. My sister is upset with me.

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    5. Night of Saturday 7/13/24

      by , 07-14-2024 at 05:25 PM (Dreamlog)
      Before WBTB

      I'm at my childhood home with Robert F. Kennedy on the phone. I'm supposed to pick him up at the airport.
      I'm telling him about several other stressors that are happening at the moment, getting to why I will be delayed.
      I'm also supposed to pick up my friend D from somewhere.
      On the kitchen table, there is a game of Monopoly left out. I arrange the pieces in a funny way anticipating the payoff later when everyone arrives.
      Looking around the home - it is in disrepair. Dusty and broken.
      But Oreo, my childhood cat is there. I marvel that she is still alive somehow.
      She looks like she hasn't eaten in a long time, with her fur all patchy.
      My Grandma and some others in the group tell me I can't help her and I have to leave.
      I don't want to leave her alone so I pick her up and bring her home with us.
      Later we are in the driveway, and there are 3 or 4 cars all in it.
      This makes it difficult to leave.

      How could I say no to this?

      After WBTB

      I'm at my Grandma's current condo. It is late at night and I'm on a couch that is further down the den than it should be.
      There is a clothing mannikin out near the hallway. It is slowly swaying. I notice that it has a wig similar to my Grandma's on.
      I worry about the mannikin turning to face me, and then it does.
      It has two black voids for eye holes, and I understand immediately that my Grandma's soul is trapped in this mannikin.
      The mannikin falls down and breaks into pieces.
      I scream
      , and my girlfriend wakes me up. I hear myself making a weird scream-moan sound.

      Well, this image exists now.

      I'm with my Grandma and Uncle at a hotel. They are on one bed together and I am on the other.
      I'm talking about how my girlfriend's family stresses her out all the time.

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    6. Night of 4/11/24 (Comp Night 14, Final)

      by , 04-12-2024 at 09:10 PM (Dreamlog)
      Before WBTB

      The Deal:
      I'm in a haunted house, a sort of Scooby-Doo scenario with a group of people my age.
      We’re in a room with fake doors, foam blocks cut up and filled into chasms. I start trying to feel out the walls, looking for fakes.
      I'm out in front leading the group because this type of thing doesn't really bother me.
      We get to the end of a hallway and there is a pantry. We all fill into the small room and I end up behind a woman.
      I understand that this woman can see smell. I engage with some NSFW stuff with this woman.
      Later, somebody says “things aren't so different after all”.

      We’re in the front yard of the mansion and we are trying out keys to several gates.
      I try one and clearly the key is wrong, but the door can be forced open. The group decides we shouldn't win this way.
      My coworker L is here and he has made a deal with a friend. The friend eventually shows up from inside the mansion but L is asleep on a bench now.
      The group moves away, not wanting to deal with the rough looking guy, but I stay.
      The guy starts going through L's jean pocket back looking for money. I keep watch.
      L wakes and catches him. L gets mad and starts threatening to kick his ass, but it seems like the deal was OK.

      After WBTB:

      I’m in a destroyed house, similar to the inn at Westfall from WoW but smaller.
      I’m chasing an animated character from a show I'm watching.
      Eventually I catch her and we start some NSFW stuff.
      I wake up pretty turned on.

      Something about being in a gas station store.

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    7. Night of Sunday 3/24/23

      by , 03-28-2024 at 12:35 AM (Dreamlog)
      There is a Fire Nation City from Avatar the Last Airbender.
      Azula is chasing Zuko in some kind of battle or showdown.
      Zuko is part of a ceremony at a big outdoor theater.
      He is renouncing the Sun, and getting painted to symbolize his new loyalty.
      Tags: avatar, chase
    8. Night of Monday 3/18/24

      by , 03-19-2024 at 03:33 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm with girlfriend's friend group, with their respective significant others (H&A and G&S).
      It's sort of blue and cloudy outside.
      I'm with the guys by large rocks playing a game.
      Later I'm at an apartment that I know is mine.
      I'm standing in a living room area in a circle with the guys.
      I decide to spit up some water I was drinking, toward G.
      I have the intent to show that something outlandish like that is OK.
      A thinks it is funny, and G returns the favor.
      But G isn't returning the favor. Though the spitup looks like clear water, he is actually puking from disgust.

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    9. Night of Friday 2/16/24

      by , 02-22-2024 at 04:30 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm getting married to my girlfriend.
      We're in a small-ish hall with chairs setup to face the altar. Standard setup.
      But I've just realized that I never wrote my vows. Panic.
      How did I forget? Isn't that something the wedding planner would remind me of?
    10. Night of Thursday 1/18/24 (Comp Night 13)

      by , 01-20-2024 at 05:23 PM (Dreamlog)
      No recall - only food coma.
    11. Night of Thursday 1/4/24

      by , 01-05-2024 at 06:48 PM (Dreamlog)
      Alternate Ride:

      My brother has been paralyzed or couch ridden for many years.
      I'm in a living room that reminds me of the Dursely's one from Harry Potter. But reversed.
      It's similar to how I pictured it during Dumbledore's visit from (I believe) the Half-Blood Prince. Book only scene.
      My brother is married, and his wife is on the couch next to him. But it isn't his waking life wife.
      My brother starts telling the story of why he isn't with K anymore.
      We're on a bus now, similar to the travel buses we would ride between competitions in high-school marching band.
      K is sitting behind my brother, holding a stuffed animal that he had given here.
      The dream indicates that they have already broken up at this point.
      K is trying to give the stuffed animal to my brother, but he is so frustrated with her that he won't accept it.

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    12. Night of Monday 11/13/23

      by , 11-21-2023 at 07:05 PM (Dreamlog)
      Night Beer:

      I'm at a carnival at night, similar to events that take place at a lake near where I live now.
      Sort of like Fall Fest. I have brewed a dark beer, and it is going up for competition.
      There is a large tent with yard games setup where the competition is to take place.
      I think the tots may have been there.

      Recorded at 7:05AM.
    13. Night of Saturday 11/12/23

      by , 11-21-2023 at 07:02 PM (Dreamlog)
      Chainsaw Arm:

      I'm in a large space with my brother. It's a nice home with white carpeting, white walls. Not dissimilar to one of my Grandma P's homes.
      We're working to place cushions on top of chains, but there is something tricky about the process.
      My brother understands it, but he won't help me. I get frustrated and attack him.
      He ends up hitting the chandelier with a chair on accident.
      I keep fighting, but my right arm is getting weaker. I notice there is now a chainsaw where my right arm should be, but it is heavy.
      I'm losing the battle.

      My girlfriend wakes me up because I was making noise in my sleep.

      Recorded at 3:45AM.

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    14. Night of Friday 10/13/23

      by , 10-15-2023 at 06:48 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 3AM.

      Home Assembly
      I'm at the bottom of a set of stairs. The stairs look 2D or paper-like.
      The house we are in doesn't look like somewhere I readily recognize, but it might have been similar to M and J's house from far back in my childhood.
      I'm with my girlfriend's family once again. They notice I am trying to climb the stairs, but having difficulty due to not being able to put weight on my shoulder.
      This is reproduced accurately. I actually have recently had surgery, and this makes some sense.
      One of the uncles uses a lever, and the stairs start to move from the bottom up, carrying me to the top.
      Later I'm in the kitchen of my Grandma P's current home. I'm with my T friend group.
      We are stationed around the kitchen counter island, and we are playing a competition or game.
      We are trying to assemble something quickly. Our friend J who moved away was also part of the game, but remotely. He finishes first, winning the game.

      Woke up around 2PM.
    15. Night of Friday 9/1/23 (Comp Night 1)

      by , 09-02-2023 at 10:29 PM (Dreamlog)
      No recall due to staying up late watching One Piece. Haven't seen the original, but the live action is pretty good. Highly recommend it. Hoping for some pirate dreams now

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