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    1. But songs should *change* darnit!

      by , 08-30-2013 at 08:49 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Thursday, August 29 8:00 am WBTB Induction attempt *fell asleep too soon *

      Interesting dream fragment where my mother is driving us somewhere, and the song 'lights' starts to play on the radio. (The song by Journey, not the one by Ellie Goulding). When the song is finished, I start to complain about how there is no difference between that song when it first came out, and now. I complain that there needs to be a new rendition that is different because the song is so boring (which I don't REALLY feel, so why I would say that in my dreams, I have no freaking clue, LOL). All I can remember really, is my mother and I arguing about this, as she tells me that the song is a good song and should stay the way it is, not be changed. Wish I could remember more, as this was a rather funny conversation
    2. Snipers and Survivor

      by , 08-29-2013 at 08:21 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Wed August 28, 8:00 am

      I live in a high-rise apartment in a big city. On the news, there’s been reports of a “sniper killer” who’s been murdering people with a sniper rifle from a long distance away. I’m looking out my window from the apartment, when I see two guys canvassing other nearby buildings, pointing and windows and stuff, in deep conversation. Then, one of the guys looks up right into my eyes. A smile crosses his face, and he nods at me. I don’t know how, but I just know this is the guy who’s been killing people.

      I call up my parents, because I don’t have a gun and they do—I want to be able to defend myself, because I know that he knows what I suspect; and I am afraid he is going to try and kill me. In fact, I KNOW this. So, my parents come over, lending me a pistol. They also stay there, to help me hold off any attack should it come to that.

      A few hours later (dream), towards the evening, a car pulls up to the window. That’s right, a car pulls up to a WINDOW in a HIGH-RISE apartment building. So much for keeping an eye out for dreamsigns, right? Anyway, this guy pulls up to the window, and my Dad, for whatever reason, asks “Are you the sniper?” –As if, if the guy WERE the killer, he’d say so!—and the guy, a black man that looks like Drebin from Metal Gear Solid 4, pulls out his cell phone and states “Yeah, distance is about 500 yards.” Mom, dad, and myself stare open mouthed at the guy, until he bursts out laughing. He tells me that he’s here to help. He then proceeds to enter my apartment THROUGH the window, his car just hanging out in the air.

      He hands me a gun, a realllly sleek looking Baretta 9mm. Only it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen IRL. It has a smooth curvy build to it, and it’s very futuristic looking. AND, weirdly enough, it has a cell-phone built into the barrel of the gun (the top). The Drebin look-alike then teaches me how to properly use it, giving me tips on how to aim properly. Funny thing is, when I go to dry fire the gun, it turns into a REVOLVER

      Apparently that is normal though, and when I go to take a closer look at the gun, it’s the sleek Baretta once more. The Drebin-looking guy leaves, and my parents and I prepare to hold down the fort, waiting for this sniper guy to attack us. Before anything can happen, however…my alarm clock wakes me up for the day.

      august 28 time unknown

      This one just a fragment. I start out playing a video game based on the TV show survivor. And then, something strange happens. I actually AM on survivor! I’m on some island somewhere, trying to survive my fellow contestants to win a million bucks. AND, funny enough, a previous player, Naonka is there; a player I absolutely detest. I get into an argument with her about how she treated that handicap woman in her first season on the show, and tempers are flaring. She pretty much bawls me out for daring to get onto her when she’s providing for the tribe. I tell her that despite her providing, she’s still a b***h, and deserves to be voted out. That’s all I can remember of this one.
    3. Dreams. Lots and Lots of Dreams. Okay 2 dreams and a couple fragments :p

      by , 08-26-2013 at 01:50 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      I remembered more dreams last night then I ever have in a single sleep session, which is really super awesome for me! so yaaay!

      Now if I can just get lucid.

      Dreaming within a dream, trying to escape dream!! Fragment. Induction Method attempted: MILD

      I was dreaming that I was dreaming, and in this dream I was trapped! I don't know how or why, but I was trying to escape my dream, and could not find my way out. I tried to escape the dream several times (in my dream) and even tried to wake myself up, to no avail! These dream-within-dreams are very freaking confusing!!

      Rodents, Wolves and Bears, OH MY Sunday august 25th 7:00 am Induction method attempted: WILD/WBTB

      A FULL dream, huraaay!

      My dad goes to town, and comes back with two pets for Mom. One of them is like a giant overgrown rat. I want to say it's closer to a guinea pig, but that doesn't feel right, even if it looked the same. The other pet was a strange creature; I don't know their name, but I think they are an Australian critter I know I've seen before on TV. It had grey-blue fur, long back legs, shorter front ones, a long tail and big ears. We named it Roosey because it hops around like a Kangaroo, though it is also capable of skittering around really fast. The other critter was never referred to by name in the dream; I'll call him Mouse. Mouse was round, fluffy, with brown fur.

      My dream skips forward to that evening, after Dad brings home the pets. They are not kept in a cage though. Instead, they are able to roam free; we just have a wood divider separating the living room half of the house from the kitchen half of the house. This way, our dog Meatball can't get to them to eat them. I end up going into the living room for some reason, and the divider doesn't close all the way behind me; Mouse and Roosey come flying through it into the living room. I leap on top of Meatball, holding him down and call for help, because he is struggling like mad to get to the two critters.

      Dad scolds me for letting the divider open like that, and then has me let the little guys outside to go to the bathroom. It is dark outside, and I need a flashlight. I get them, and take them outside; Mom and Dad warns me not to let them get too far away, Well.

      As soon as the door opens, BOTH of them just run as fast as they can, waaay in the yard. I can't see them anymore because it's so dark. Mouse, with her waddling gait, comes into view; she's not quite as far away as Roosey. I scoop the lil' critter up, and start looking for Roosey; I'm about halfway into the yard by now. I can't find her at first, and then...THERE! I see her, but she is right next to a fox! I start to go after, but she hops away again. I decide I need help, so I turn around, heading back to the house. I get to the driveway, when I notice a large grey-white timberwolf sitting in the driveway, staring at me. Knowing they seldom attack humans and needing to get Mouse inside, I walk by. Then, right by the door, theres ANOTHER wolf. As I head up the stairs, the wolf tries to snatch Mouse from my hands. I yank away, its fangs grazing my hand. I throw open the door and dash inside.

      Breathless I tell mom and dad about Roosey and the wolves and fox. Mom takes mouse, and examines my hand while Dad goes into their bedroom to get his rifle. Mom sighs, shaking her head. I'm only scratched; she's worried about Roosey. She tells me that it's messed up--Dad doesn't often get attached to these rodent type pets, like mice and stuff, but he's really bonded with Roosey, and now she's probably out there, hurt or worse. She says it's just not fair. I agree, looking out the window into the darkness. Then Dad comes out, rifle in hand, and I go outside with him to show him where Roosey is at.

      WE go outside, and dad fires several shots into the air. THe wolves all dash away immediately; there wasn't just the two I saw, an entire PACK of them runs off. I lead dad to where Roosey is, and find her. But she's rolling around on her back, badly injured. I'm about to pick her up when I notice a bear at the edge of our yard (a very large brown-bear). I point out the bear to Dad--it hasn't noticed us yet. He takes aim with his Rifle, putting his fingers to his lips to make sure I stay quiet. But for some reason, he doesn't shoot. The bear looks up, and starts plodding towards us, and STILL Dad doesn't shoot the bear. I'm freaking out now, and I ask him what the heck to do, and he hands me a shotgun that he did NOT have when he came out. AND it's not the gun we have IRL, it's a double barrel shotgun. Dad is watching the bear, and I aim the gun. I ask, as it gets creepily close, if he wants me to shoot it. He doesn't answer. My fingers wrap around the trigger, but it's so sensitive that at my slightest touch, the gun goes off and misses the bear completely!

      The bear stands up on his hind legs, roars, and then notices the same fox from earlier. It is skittering by him, and the bear claws him, shoving the animal in his mouth. Dad tells me the bear isn't interested in us, and tells me to grab Roosey. We start to head back into the house, and Roosey needs to get to the vet. The alarm wakes me up as we are crossing the yard.

      Demonic Dog 10:00 am Fragment, INDUCTION method attempt: WILD/WBTB

      Dad and I are in the house. He explains to me that our pet, Tori, is actually a demonic dog--even if she has not yet shown it. HE tells me that she will be used to do things, such as enter our world, if something isn't done about it. For some reason, he believes that I have to be the one to kill the dog. I don't want to do it, the thought saddens me deeply, but I go grab my survival knife that I keep in my room (for when we go camping or fishing). I hide the knife behind my back, and approach Tori. I hug her, give her kisses and pet her...and then I stab her twice in the chest, very quickly. I then carry Tori outside where I sit with her, holding her head in my lap, and apologize for having to do this to her, and for her being used by evil. I am crying at this point, watching her die. I wake up still feeling the intense emotions from the tail end of the dream fragment.

      A Knight Beheaded Time unknown Induction Technique Attemted: WILD/WBTB

      Another good vs. evil dream, with a bit of humor at the end. I'm in some strange area where all of the plant life is grey and dying. The trees are dead, the grass is dead and crumbly beneath my feet. There is an entire crowd of people around me, most dressed like modern day people, but there is one man, a knight in full silver colored armor. We are all enclosed in some giant fenced in area, which leads to some open arena-style place with two exits. We are being herded towards that arena place. Someone speaking from an unknown location, as if from some kind of loud-speakers, tells us that there are two men, one for each exit. One of the men is evil, the other is not. We are told that we have to choose which one is the evil person, and make our way through these shadowy-looking beings in the arena area, and kill him. If we choose correctly, we can all go home. If we choose the wrong person, our world will be in grave danger.

      The knight steps up first; that's when I notice he is blind, wearing some kind of headband over his eyes. He leaps over the fence into the arena, drawing his sword. He immediately slashes at one of the creatures, killing it. Then he turns behind him, and slashes at the fence! One of the creatures laughs at him, and beheads the knight with long claws. His head sails over the fence, his body collapsing to the ground. The head then floats back into the arena, re-attaches itself to the knights body, and he closes his eyes and looks as if he's just gone to sleep! I wake up at this point.
    4. Doggy Blood Fountain (fragment)

      by , 08-25-2013 at 01:51 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      I do sooo well remembering my dreams for over a week--and then twice in a row my recall dips. Oh well, it's just a phase, right? Here is my very small fragment that I didn't remember until I'd been up several hours, while outside with the family pet.

      Saturday, August 24th, time unknown

      I'm at home, in the house. It looks exactly the same, as far as I can recall, as it does in real life. I'm petting one of our dogs, Angel. Like in real life, she has this little tumor thing on the back of her neck. As I pet her, my fingers brush the tumor, and it starts squirting blood all over the place, drenching my face and hands. She is okay, not like bleeding to death, I just caused it to start squirting. It stops a few seconds later, but my face and neck is covered, and I'm feeling a bit grossed out and shocked. I run to the bathroom to clean my hands and neck, and I notice I have some of the blood in my mouth, and I'm holding up my tongue, looking in the mirror, trying to scrape it off the bottom of my tongue.

      That's all I can remember of that dream. A strange one!
    5. Taking a Class on Lucid Dreaming, WHILE Dreaming

      by , 08-23-2013 at 03:00 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      LD induction attempt:

      MILD, then WBTB/WILD

      Thursday, August 22 3:30 am

      I am part of an IRC class on lucid dreaming. I can't remember exactly what we were discussing though. I'm trying to show everyone in the class something that I feel is super important, though in my dream I don't really know WHY it is important. I just know it is a perfect example for our lucid dreaming discussion. While at the IRC, I am also at a LD forum (not DreamViews, some other forum I've never seen before), and there is a member who's name isn't right. There is a letter that doesn't match any letter at all in the alphabet! I realllly want to share this with the class, but just as I am about to submit a screenshot, I lose my internet connection. This seriously irritates me, because I feel like I HAVE to send this in, it is SUPER important to me, and I am frantic trying to refresh the chat and get it to connect again. Why I'm doing this, I don't know because I lost my connection, meaning I *should* wait for it to come back, instead of trying to refresh the webpage. But, I keep trying until my alarm finally wakes me up.

      A note I want to make on this dream. I feel I was really close to lucidity for two reasons. One, I noticed something odd about that user name, and though I didn't understand why, I felt it of VITAL importance to share with the rest of the LD class. Had I managed to reconnect, I wonder if I wouldn't have told them it was an example of a dream sign....TWO, I kept trying to get my laptop to refresh the webpage. I lost the internet connection, therefore I should have just waited for it to come back, refreshing the page would do no good--yet I did it anyway. I wonder if some small part of me understood that it would eventually work if I kept trying, because of the odd way electronics behave in dreams. THEN there's the sheer frantic nature, the NEED to reconnect and show what I discovered to the LD class. It was such a strong feeling, I felt it even upon waking
    6. The Restaraunt

      by , 08-23-2013 at 02:50 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Gotta catch up on my dream journal again! On the bright side, I think I just hit my dream goal of 7 days straight with remembering at least a dream fragment every night! YAY!

      Wed, Aug 21 8:26 am

      LD attempt: WBTB/Wild

      I'm in a restaurant with two people I don't know, a man and a woman. I don't remember what they look like. The place I am in though is almost like a resort or casino or something. There is one floor, but it's split into 3 levels. The first level, there are slot machines to the right and a bar to the left. Then, up a small flight of stairs, overlooking the bar/slots is the area where the restaurant takes reservations. To the left on that overlook is an arcade. The two people I'm with and myself, we head up the small flight of steps to give the people our reservations. They give their names, and the employee lets them through; however, when I step forward, the woman taking reservations pushes me back, telling me I'm not on the list. I tell her that I'm with them, and they back me up on that. So, we go up yet another small flight of stairs to the restaurant itself that overlooks the entire place.

      Now, as we go to our table (they are long banquet like tables with white table-cloths) a guy that looks just like Senator Marko Rubio approaches us, and starts to ask us if we are tired of people giving us such a hard time, just because of a slight change in reservation. He said that he wanted us to sign a petition to provide more oversight in reservations, so that when someone does want to change something, they don't get yelled at (strange, I know, I know). I don't sign it, and neither does the guy I'm with, but the woman does (I get the feeling her and the guy are a couple, even though they are just random DC, people I've never met IRL). We sit down at the table, and they start to argue with one another about the petition, her saying how some oversight is needed because of how annoying the situation is, and him saying it's not the governments place to get involved with something so trivial. We are about to order our food, when my alarm wakes me up.
    7. Fragmented Fragment :o

      by , 08-21-2013 at 09:16 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Tuesday, August 20 8:00

      Mom and dad are on some sort of long trip while I'm at the house, with Tori, one of our dogs. The thing is, our "home" is different than it is IRL; the layout is completely different, the landscape is different, and the yard has a large metal fence enclosing it. When my parents finally return, I have to do some sort of work outside--but it's very late, and eventually I come inside. When i do, my grandpa is there; he's lying on the floor like he's drunk or something...

      And that's all I remember :s

    8. Special Agent SilverWolf--FBI

      by , 08-20-2013 at 01:07 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Mon, Aug 19 5:00 am

      It's dreams like this that will make you want to throw your alarm clock against the wall. You'll see why when I get to the end of it. Stupid phone

      I'm an FBI agent, working to try and find out who recently murdered another agent in the unit that I'm working with. I don't remember all the details, but I do remember that it ended up being some crazy conspiracy driven thing. We were investigating this murder--and I'm not the head of the unit, I'm just one of the detectives working the case. The special agent in charge was actually, for all intents and purposes, Olivia Dunnam (sp?) from Fringe. Anyway, we are investigating this murder, and end up discovering the clue in the murderers business suit. It turns out to be someone who was helping fund out investigation, and his suit, when put together the right way, formed a symbol that represented a very secret organization hundreds of years old (think Mason's or the Illuminati, only it wasn't them, it was a completely different group, veiled in similar secrecy). With everyone on the alert as to the killer, we get ready to nail the guy. The head of our unit (the woman that looks like Olivia from Fringe) calls up the head of our task-force to find the guy (he is a guy that looks and sounds like Agent Broils from Fringe--except again, it's not ACTUALLY him).

      Now my dream jumps. For some strange reason, I'm not with the other FBI agents about to go on the raid to arrest the killer. I'm with another FBI agent instead, sitting outside in the rain near an overpass. He and I are talking, and he casually brings up the case that I was working on, and asked how it was going. I tell him everything, about how we found out who killed the other FBI agent, and how it was that really rich guy acting like he was helping us all this time. Right after I tell him this, he excuses himself to make a call, and heads under the overpass. Feeling this rather suspect, I follow the guy and overhear his side of the phone conversation. It goes something like this:

      Agent: Yeah, they have no idea you were behind the murder of (can't remember the name, but I do remember it was some famous person who's death in my dream had been publicized). Buncha dumbasses. Well, can't really say that, they're not stupid. They found YOU out, after all.


      Agent: Yeah, they found you're suit, the symbol. They're coming to arrest you now. Nah, he has no idea (presumably he's talking about me here, I have no idea about something but what I still don't know).

      That's all of the conversation I can remember, unfortunately. I do remember that it somehow eluded to some grand conspiracy he was a part of that was responsible for the death of that famous person he named earlier, and how they (the conspirators), were all part of some ancient underground group. I wait for the agent as he comes out of under the overpass.

      As soon as he does, I step out of the shadows, and tell him that I heard his entire conversation. He startles, and turns around, glaring at me. Then, almost simultaneously, we pull our guns at the same time, pointing them at eachother. This scene was very cinematic, just like a film, with rain pouring down, dripping down our faces, it was soooo cool! And then, in my left hand I hold up a voice recorder. I tell him that I recorded his conversation, and play it back for him. I then try to bluff him, telling him it won't do any good to shoot me now, because I've already sent it in to the head of our task-force, via my cellphone.

      Just as one of us is about to make our move, my stupid alarm goes off!!!!! So, now I won't ever know how that dream was going to end, darnit! One of us was about to eat a bullet though; I'd like to know if it was going to be me or him
    9. A Golden Spray

      by , 08-19-2013 at 12:03 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      This is easily one of the funniest dream's I can ever remember having

      Sunday, August 18 time: unknown (between 3:30 and 5:00 am)

      Another dream gragment, but rather funny. Wish I remembered the whole thing

      I'm at home, or supposed to be anyway, but the layout of the house is off. Anyway, I have to take a leak really, REALLY bad. My eyeballs are floating, I have to go so bad. Thing is, the toilet is in the living room, beside the couch. My first thought, of course, is wth?? My second thought is that I have to go so I don't care! For some reason I decide to let the toilet issue go without so much as an RC (gaaah!!!), unzip, and start letting loose. Dad happens to be sitting on the couch, and apparently thinks this toilet setup is normal too. Well, in my haste to relieve myself, I slightly miss, hitting the edge of the toilet-bowl, and end up slashing my dad's arm. He jumps up in shock, looks at me, and asks "what the hell are you doing? You just pissed on me, can't you effing (the not so nice version of this word) aim right??" I remember that I said something about my "wide stream" because I had to go so badly, and I also said something like that wouldn't have happened if he hadn't put the toilet right next to the couch in the first place. All the while, I'm still letting loose in the toilet, and I end up waking up with a very full bladder! Luckily, I did not end up whizzing the bed, but I DID almost pee myself laughing at this dream

      Sunday Aug 18, 9:30 AM

      Some sort of fringe-esque dream; that's all I remember of this one. I think I was talking to Walter Bishop about something but I don't remember what

    10. AGAIN Just *BARELY* Missed Becoming Lucid

      by , 08-18-2013 at 11:53 PM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      I hate these near misses. Darnit.

      Saturday, August 17, 4:30 am

      I only remember glimpses of my dream. Me, in some kind of space-like environment or possibly a water environment (I say this because I have the feeling that I'm floating, but everything is black. Perhaps I'm even in between dreams, as I *had* attempted to WILD before going to sleep). I tell myself that I ought to do a Reality Check, but for some reason I convince myself it can wait until later. Something, I'm not sure what (the serene feeling of floating, perhaps?) has my attention at the moment. I intend to do a Reality Check in just a minute or two. I repeat this process three or four times, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I manage to talk myself into waiting a bit longer. I never did end up doing a reality check at all. Just how deranged can the sleeping mind possibly be??

    11. Dream "TIES"

      by , 08-17-2013 at 05:52 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      This qualifies as a very, very wierd and cool dream! I just wish I could remember more of it

      btw, last nights WILD was an epic fail. Yet again, I FALL ASLEEP before I can get anywhere *sigh*

      Friday, August 16, 3:00 am

      I dreamed I'm on the forum, LOL! Here I am, in the dream journal, writing down a dream that I was having (a dream I'm fairly certain I've never had IRL, by the way). The 'dream' I'm writing is that I am a TIE fighter pilot--you know, from Star Wars. I'm cruising around the Death Star, not in combat or anything, just flying around, which is really awesome. But as I write this down, I switch back and forth from ACTUALLY being in the TIE fighter, to at my laptop, back to being in the TIE! It was really awesome, that. I'm pretty sure there's more to the dream that I don't remember, though. It was really cool to transition from writing about a dream to being IN the dream; I wouldn't mind doing that again


      Updated 08-17-2013 at 07:52 AM by 64876 (Forgot to caagorize my dream :o)

      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    12. So Darn Close...yet SO Darn Far

      by , 08-15-2013 at 11:58 PM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      I was sooo close to getting lucid last night, I can kick myself. In this dream, I actually performed a reality check! Problem is, it passed! AND, unlike IRL, I did not perform a backup RC, so I just went along my merry little way.

      August 15, 8:00 am

      I was so close to lucidity! I'm in the house it is afternoon. I've been doing something outside...shoveling snow, that's what it was--lots, and lots, and lots of snow! I finally finish, and come inside. My parents are about to leave somewhere, and they ask me to clean the refrigerator for them while they are gone. I then tell them, laughing as I say it, now would be a good time for me to do a reality check. I then haphazardly press my fingers into my palm, but without really looking at my hands. My fingers don't go through, so I don't become lucid (My hands felt solid, and for some dang reason, I DID NOT FOLLOW THROUGH with another RC--which is odd because I ALWAYS do at least 2-3 RCs every time. Dangit). I'm pretty sure there is more to the dream than this, but I can't remember what else happened after this point.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Throwing Stones

      by , 08-15-2013 at 04:13 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Tried to WILD while taking a nap. It didn't work, so I rolled over turning it into a MILD attempt. I didn't get lucid, but (perhaps most importantly at this stage of my LDing journey), I actually remembered my dream. The oddest part? The dream is very similar to last nights dream--possibly the same one, given how little of last night's dream I remember!

      August 14, 6:00 pm

      I'm outside, working in the yard with dad, mom, and someone else that I don't know and who never even interacted with me. In fact, where my mother and father very clear, he was fuzzy and I never really saw his face with any clarity.

      I can remember something sparks a shouting match between me and my dad, just like in last nights dream. However, I either can't remember what we were arguing about, or I never really knew in the dream. I'm not entirely sure which is the case. I don't even really know what the full conversation was about, just a few things we said to eachother.

      I remember dad saying something that REALLY ticked me off, got me furious. I flung the tool I was using (it was either a shovel or a rake, I never saw the end of it), watching it bounce into the air after tossing it, and slamming down again (oddly, just like a real shovel or rake would. Nice physics, subconscious!), and I screamed "See?! I'm sick of this effing bull***! I'm leaving!" Dad proceeds to ask me just what I'm going to do, where I'm going to go; I have no job, and no way to make money (I'm still going to college, so not much of a career there, is it?). I tell him that I don't care, I'll find something. I'm NOT staying here.
      I grab my bicycle and start to pedal down the driveway. I take a left right, and that is when dad starts to throw rocks at me! They start out as just chunks of the gravel in our driveway, but gradually increase in size until they are getting quite dangerous. I'm not scared though, I'm too ticked off. I get to the hill--the same one that is really there when you take a right IRL, except the hill is a LOT taller. Dad is still throwing rocks at me--dangerously large ones I might add--, and I start to shield my head with my forearms as I pedal forward, trying to get up this long hill. I remember thinking that if I could just get over that hill, everything would feel better, dad would stop throwing the rocks, and I'd get away. Then, the alarm wakes me up

      What is interesting, is unlike most other dreams I have written here, and others I can remember from the past, this dream actually took place at my real, current home. Everything even looked the same, down to the powerline in our driveway. I also wonder who that other person was, the one I could never really see clearly....HMMMM. Methinks my subconscious is trying to tell me something with this one.

    14. This time my lack of recall is my own fault

      by , 08-15-2013 at 12:26 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)

      So I'm doing the wake up every 90 minutes thing to catch myself dreaming, so I can write down dreams in this dream journal, and therefore I can improve recall. Except THIS time, when I woke up, my tired mind tricked me into believing it could remember what it was dreaming WITHOUT writing the dang dream down. So, when the alarm went off, what did I do? I moronically believed my tired brain in my hazy state, and rolled right over, going to sleep.

      So, here's what little I remember, thanks to my rebellious little brain telling me I could rely on it for it's superb (riiiight) memory.

      August 14, 2013 3:00 am

      All I remember is that I was in a deeply wooded forest. It was pretty dark in there too. Was it a scary forest? A happy forest? A forest with little polar bears sipping root beers while balancing on rubber balls? I wouldn't know because I stupidly did not write down my dream! when I woke up. So anyone reading this, don't repeat my mistake

      8:00 am

      Got in an argument with dad about something. It felt really important to me inthe dream, but I cannot remember just why we were arguing. I do remember he'd said something realllllly offensive to me, but I just don't remember what it wass; only that it made me very, very upset. Hmmmmmmmmm.
    15. Barely anything remembered :( :(

      by , 08-13-2013 at 11:18 PM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Though I remember almost nothing, I will still post the one sentence description that I **can** remember. Maybe my brain will take the hint and decide to cooperate with this dream recall thing if I keep bugging it

      August 13, 2013, 8:00 am

      All I remember is my dream had something to do with walking in a blizzard of some sort.

      Another dream fragment from earlier: Something to do with the hamster Rolo again. I don't THINK it bit me like in the last dream I had about her, but I'm certain she was present in the dream--I just can't remember it, darnit!
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