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    Threecat's Dreamtime

    "Climbing the Tree" and "Battle of the Bulge(s)"

    by , 11-15-2014 at 06:18 PM (337 Views)
    I wake around 4:30 and induce. I am with my father on his porch. Suddenly, a Winnebago pulls up to the porch, and some guys get out and begin stripping his tomato plants of fruit. Then then get into the camper and drive off. I run out into the driveway to record a tag number. The tag has been removed, but their "camper tag," which is as large as a billboard, has the tag number (can't remember it now). I run back and tell my dad I have the number. I recite it once incorrectly, then correct myself. We get into his truck and give chase.

    While driving, he is not paying attention. A woman's car, pulling a trailer behind her, is sitting in the road. My father smashes into her, knocking her little car out of the way. I think this is hilarious in the dream and laugh. My dad looks at me.

    "Do you remember who I am?" he ask.

    "Of course," I say. "You're my dad."

    He nods, as though he is satisfied. "Son, you're dreaming this dream."

    I turn around to look behind us at the wreckage, and realize that this is a very odd scenario to be in. I nose pinch. Can't breath entirely, but can breathe somewhat. Am worried about leaping from the vehicle if it really isn't a dream.
    Can't remember how I prove it to myself, but the next thing I know I am waving goodbye to my dad, telling him to be careful. I then leap from the vehicle. I try flying a bit, and can't, so I settle on climbing a tree near me. It is basically just a tall, bent over trunk, with no branches. I wrap my arms around it and lift myself into the air. It is hard work (harder than it should be!) but I am able to climb much better than in real life. I get a pretty good distance up befor dropping to the ground. The dream begins to fade, so I strip off my gloves (wtf) and begin rubbing my hands against the asphalt to stabilize. Oops, the dream is fading out anyway.

    I "wake up," and am reading FryingMan's DJ. It is interactive, and the POV (1st, 2nd, 3rd) begins changing to indicate whether or not he was lucid. For some reason, this makes me think that perhaps I have not woken up at all, but am still dreaming. I nose pinch.Lucid. However, something catches my eyeand I lose lucidity before finallywaking up.

    After a short WBTB with wife (it's about 7 when I get up), I induce and return to sleep. Long semi-lucid. A psychiatrist is talking to me about my dreams, and investigating my dream recall and lucidity. She slowly turns into a very cute psychiatrist wearing glasses. She is mostly naked, and is arching her back very provocatively. For some reason I don't jump on her, but the dream continues. Next thing I know, I am in a boat house and being assailed by faceless men with boners. Yep. I have a pole-axe type weapon, and am fending them off. However, during the dream I have the distinct impression that none of this is real at all. I jump around the building, avoiding the water in the center, and chopping people up as I go. Don't catch me, you dicks!

    I manage to climb outside onto the roof of the boathouse. The roof is flimsy and made of plastic, and I feel that I might collapse it easily, or that it might topple over as I move towards the edge. I know if I can just jump into this water, I'll be OK. I leap in. The water feels amazingly real, and but it is totally dark beneath. I suddenly think, "It's a dream!" and open my WL eyes.
    I can see the room barely, and can also see my sleep mask, so am satisfied. I close my eyes and lie still. Eventually, my dream hands and arms settle back beside me, and another dream begins: some stage curtain draws back to reveal a cartoon singing chicken. The chicken is singing to itself. I watch, waiting for the dream to fully settle. Unfortunately, something distracts me and I wake up.

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