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    "Indian in the Cupboard"

    by , 08-16-2015 at 03:41 PM (618 Views)
    I am walking down the street when I see a friend I have not seen in several years. He seems glum. I approach him and ask him what is wrong. He answers noncommittally, so I ask again. He vanishes. I am a little worried because I think I am going crazy. I then realize I am dreaming.

    I am now in my childhood home. I say to myself, "We are not flying, having sex, or eating food. What do we want to do?" I see some action figures up on shelves. I grab one (the Gorilla alien from the ALIENS franchise)

    by the arms using perspective. I then try to expand him but he won't grow. I settle for bringing him to life. With a couple more magical hand movements I bring the rest to life, including a group of tiny Harry Potter wizards with glowing wands. They begin to chase and try to attack me. I run to the master bedroom and shut the door (throw a shirt on top of the wizards?) and then stuff some clothing under the door so the little wizards won't be able to get in with their magic.

    I decide I want to summon someone through the TV. At that point I
    wake up.
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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      That is so cool giving life to toys. That is what I always wanted to do as a child. You have been in Toy Story. Sounds like there is some work to do in getting on with them though . Wishing you lots more fun lucids.
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    2. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Hahaha that sounds like such a fun dream, bringing toys to life.
      I think I'll try to do that in my next dream.
      I also really like the first thing that you said in the dream, "We are not flying, having sex, or eating food. What do we want to do?"
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