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    A dream I write b4 I forget

    by , 04-12-2017 at 09:28 AM (444 Views)
    Made sure not to forget this dream. Gone over it a few times.

    Dream I enjoy and interesting style that I feel is unordinary to my normal waking

    Find myself in mall areas. Urban. Hang out/am Turkish. there was some happening like a theft or a prize. Idk
    Something to do with work. Perhaps the one I hung out was an illegal immigrant trying to make his way.
    I end up taking a foreigner in my home. He slept in my bedroom. We talked. Did some chilling possibly shared a laugh.
    In the morning I end up talking and stuttering to him. He nods and I am glad to get my words out regardless. My mother talks to him (in this dream I feel I am my mother, feel her feelings and my own at the same time I think) So in this perspective I feel strange for from my own perspective I can't understand why my mother has such an easy time connecting to this guy. Then a complete stranger. American-looking caucasian. The dream is eitther bi-langual or I can not understand which language was spoken. He used the word sex. He was obviously trying to make jokes for 'The camera". Which was the 3rd person point of view here. Which is me.. which is also not me. Trying to make a killing hooker joke. Which did not land very well in the foreigner's point of view and he actually facepalmed at this point. The guy who made the joke ended up saying: Everytime I try to talk I end up not being able to talk.
    The thinig is he does what I do... He swallowed his words before he said them and they did not come out right. he didnt say it with full 100% confidence behin his words. If you read this I congratulate u :D

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