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    Dream scenes

    by , 04-07-2017 at 11:54 AM (480 Views)
    Feel like i'm missing a lot of memory. I have started to write them since today and that helps.
    The good thing is I have been having rapidly increasing dream recall and a hint of lucidity for the past 4 days in a row! This might be a record. Cut a destructive pattern in my life. Well not cut it myself due to circumstance.
    Last night I felt a little depressed for half of the day. I thoguht this might screw up my record but in fact the increase remained. So im very positive about it.

    Another one of these creepy ones. let's start with the sweet one. My friend who I talk to on facebook sometimes said she wantd to smoke weed with me. I saw the letters there on the computer screen but the energetic exchange reveleaed an emotion that said. Hush. This is what it is. Do not make more of it. I feel this is true.

    A little girl ( note: I happen to dream about little girls shortly after talking or dreaming of her) walks into a house. She is lured by some guy. I am detectiving the situation and follow inside. Inside I see blood on all the walls. Tortured children bodies. All sorts of messed up things. Torture equipment. Hung up. Entire closests full of bodies. Somehow I realized the litle girl we where following has undergone the same faith.

    Loads of dreams. Did not write them.
    Dreamed of having my throat slith. blood gshing out. thought of a friend who went to hookers. Thought I might have them nurse my gushing neck. And get laid while am at it.

    Should really document this faster


    Start of the night. Wake up from dreams again. Here's my exact thoughts:
    [I][U]I should write this down. I am going to forget. I maybe (probably not as we know now) remember it if I try. This dream is boring. I will not waste my time writing this down even though I might forget it. [/U][/I]
    Note: Obviously my first inclination in the deepest of deepest of heart I knew I would simply forget it.

    "Blonde chick FB" Dnno really
    Morrocain Telephone FB .. Chatting to him on FB. See him walking. Put down phone to talk to him. I stutter my words . He gets angry. Next thing you know 20 morrocain kids are getting angry and swarming me. I'm like yo , fuk these kids. I tell them to get the fuck out and walk through them. Shortly after the bigger Morrocain kid. Proably the one I initiatelly talked to tells the kids to chill. People did see this from across I could hear them getting excited from the carnage.

    Probably inspired by a jackass scene. I felt inspiration... coming from a scene.
    On my belly skating in the streets next to bikers. Going WEEEEEEEE
    I get some comments. I make a big jump at some point. Someone laughs at me.

    I end up crossing a dangerous road and into a meeting.
    Manly P hall is giving a lecture.
    At this point it occured to me that humanity is not stupid. Since the birth of christianity humanity has seeked to merge with the divine realms.

    Marloes and blondie are talking. I cut in twice in one morning. I talk about going o the supermarket. She did say she heard something about it 2 days ago.

    Important notes: Last dream was basic and obviously dream-generated. It's so obvious that a desire and something more is me creating the entire facade. It's embaressing that I am still non-lucid about it.
    Another thing, this supermarket perhaps by association or from some deeper level came into my thoughts and I wrote something about it this morning. Some practical change is occuring because of it in real world situation



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