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    Uinteresting figmens of imagination

    by , 04-21-2017 at 10:46 AM (422 Views)
    Lucidity= 0 Recall = 1/10

    21-4 00:00-9:00

    First dream ~ Traveling. I recall a sequence of events. I remember non but [Staying in a Inn] - [Weird things happened] There was definetely a changing of places and could have been a 1 hour dream IIRC
    Overall good feeling except the weirdness was actually weird. I just want to travel so the dream is inspired by it and i'm glad to have some progres in that

    Second dream ~ Asked a guard for aspirine. Walked back and forth remembered I shoulden't have to ask him. There where people with him who thought I was weird but he seeemed to understand my wish for aspirine and askin him specifically.

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