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    Travelling Through a Nebula and the Valley of Golden Temples (Jan 6, 2015)

    by , 01-07-2015 at 11:53 PM (237 Views)
    In this dream I was at swimming pool play wrestling with an invisible dream figure. The objective was to throw the opponent into the pool, which didn’t have any water, just gymnastic crash matts. I had this dream figure in a headlock, but I was really struggling with the fact that this person was invisible. I put 2 and 2 together and realized, Bingo, I’m dreaming! I let go of the dream figure’s head and I stood up. The invisible dream figure never did appear. A couple of other dream figures, standing off to the side, asked me to follow them, so I did, and we went through a doorway into a hallway. The hallway went for about 20 feet then turned right. At the corner there was closet, and inside was 2 foot tall man standing on a bench talking to an East Indian man. I introduced myself to the small man first, and asked his name. He said, “___??___” (I can’t remember). I then asked the East Indian fellow his name, but I couldn’t understand what he said because of his accent and his name was totally foreign to me. I just nodded and pretended I understood his name. The East Indian guy then asked me to leave because “___??___” (the short guy) was helping him out with something. I apologized for interrupting, and I continued on down the hallway, but my vision started to fade to black. I started to swirl to bring back my vision, and I was saying, “Somebody, please help me!” Somebody answered, “I don’t know how to help you.” I asked them to grab my hand and swirl with me, but they didn’t answer. I swirled faster, and faster, and faster!

    Stars started to appear around me, faintly at first, and they then gradually increased in clarity until I found myself floating in a dramatic view of space. It feels so strange to be floating in space, kind of a mixture of excitement and loneliness. I could feel the sun beating on my back so I turned around to face it, and I momentarily saw its brightness, but then a black disc moved in front of it. I looked away and decided to repeat what I did, but really fast. Sure enough, it was the sun! And once more a black disc quickly moved in front of it so it was hidden. Interesting? That gives me a good explanation why I rarely see the sun in LD’s. I could see the Milky Way arching across space, and decide to fly at high speed right at it, and soon a pinkish nebula came into view, and then I came to complete stop to admire it. Wait, what’s that? I could see outlines of several human bodies against the pink nebula, distorting the nebula just enough, that I could see them. It appears some dream figures decided to accompany me on my journey. I’ve never been in a Nebula before, so I decided to fly right through it at high speed. The nebula never really became clearer as I flew through it (not what I expected), if anything it lost its vibrancy, but I could feel the particles hitting my body, like standing in a sand storm, and the impacts were luminescing reddish blue. This gave a cool visual effect on my arms!

    Off in the distance I could see a planet, and I slowed down for a controlled entry and landing (Don’t fly full speed into a planet!). The planet looked like something from the movie Dune. It was covered in desert and mountainous rocky outcroppings. Below I could see some gold structures, so I flew in for a closer look. When I fly, I usually do the ‘Superman’ with my arms down, but as I approached these golden structures I started to fly in a standing position. It’s a more relaxed position for viewing, but does look a bit odd, no doubt (as one dream figure told me in previous LD). The gold structures were actually golden temple domes sticking out above the sand dunes in a mountainous valley. There was a natural rock archway extending from the side of mountain, which I flew through as I entered the “Valley of Golden Temples”. I discovered this place, so I’m giving it a name – lol. There was a woman in a flowing dress standing on one of sand dunes and she watched me as I flew by. I should have landed beside her, and asked her what this place was, but I wanted to get a closer look at these golden temple domes sticking out of the sand. Then I could hear East Indian style ancient music playing all around me, with singing to match. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve heard anything like it. I landed on a sand dune, beside a golden dome, and there was warm colored light coming out from openings immediately below the dome. The sand was right up to these openings. Everything quickly faded, and then I woke. I really wanted to go inside!
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    1. Verre's Avatar
      Beautiful visions!
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    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      That sounds like an exciting and wonderful dream to be in.I feel like my dream settings have been crappy lately compared to yours. Give me your dreams please!~ (^∀^人)
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    3. Tihiti's Avatar
      Lol Dawn! They're normally not this dramatic! I've only been adding the exciting and memorable LD's to my dream journal.