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    Troubles Doing Reality Checks - Feb 7, 2015

    by , 02-08-2015 at 10:17 PM (243 Views)
    In this dream I was in my home, which I didnít recognize, and my wife was jumping up and down trying to look through cracks in the window blinds. Hmm, I must be dreaming. Letís check! I looked at my hands, they looked perfectly normal. I took my right point finger and tried to push it through my left hand, nope, it doesnít pass through. Then I pinched my nose and tried to breathe out, nope, I couldnít breathe out. I was positive this was dream, so I decided to try and stick my hand through the window. Nope, it wouldnít pass through. Then I tried to walk through a wall, nope, I couldnít walk through it. What the heck is going on here? I walked outside, through the front door, and I saw my friendís RV.

    Something looked wrong with its exhaust pipe, so I laid on the ground to take a look. It was totally plugged up with carbon and soot, so I stuck my finger in there to try and clean it out. This didnít make sense to me because the catalytic converter should of plugged long before this happened. I began to think again that this was dream, so I tried to fly. I flew face down along the asphalt road, grinding my nose in the process, and then I lifted upwards about 1 foot, but I was only travelling at about walking speed. The asphalt road then turned to gravel, and I could hear the wind howling past my ears and I could feel it against my skin, but I was still only going walking speed.

    My body was vibrating violently while I flew (new experience). Next I decided to fly upwards, and finally, something worked! I shot up into the sky, and realized my dream environment was only about one city block square. Usually my lucid dreams are as big as the universe. Beyond the city block was an empty grid pattern extending as far as I could see. It seems I had my own personal and private dreamscape and I didnít know it. This would have been a perfect place to have a peaceful visit. I need to note this experience for the future. I then woke up.

    Soon I was back to sleep and in the same house. I didnít realize I was dreaming. The house seemed familiar to me for reason (duh). I began to wonder where my truck was parked, because I didnít remember parking it at this house, so I went out the back door to take a look. I couldnít find my truck anywhere, and I once again began to question if I was dreaming. I did the hand, finger through hand, nose blow, and attempted flight, reality checks but nothing indicated I was dreaming. Hmmm, maybe Iím not dreaming, so I walked back into the house and then I woke up again.

    I have a new rule: If Iím questioning if Iím dreaming, Iím dreaming! No more than one reality check needed.
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