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    The Door portal attempt

    by , 03-22-2022 at 08:52 PM (313 Views)
    The Door portal attempt
    #Lucid 17 - DILD

    Iím sat in my parents bathroom when suddenly I see a fine rain coming down from the ceiling. ďItís raining?Ē I note with surprise. I know that itís an odd thing to occur indoors but for some reason it feels acceptable that it could happen. ďAcceptable because itís a dream?Ē I wonder. I stand up to investigate and though the room looks exactly like the bathroom from my memory it doesnít feel right. I walk out onto the upstairs landing and feel a strange, shuddering sensation to my body and my surroundings and conclude it must be a dream.

    I look into my Childhood bedroom and see my bed and wonder if Iím asleep in it right now in waking life. I then recall my goal to use a door as a portal and find a closed bedroom door for the experiment. ďOn the other side will be a forestĒ I tell myself and then run at the door and swing it open, expecting to find a lush, green forest on the other side but instead Iím greeted by the bedroom that should be there. I feel as though I rushed it so I try again with another door but this time the dream collapses before I reach it and Iím left floating in darkness. I notice a blue ball of light in the distance and know Iím still dreaming and have the opportunity to re-enter. I try to remain aware whilst the new dream forms but I enter the next dream without lucidity.

    Lucidity: Medium
    Trigger: Dream oddity
    Reality check: none
    Length: 1 minute (approx.)
    Goals: Door portal (Fail)
    Lucid count: 17
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