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    False awaken & Fly!

    by , 09-26-2021 at 08:39 PM (642 Views)
    The guide on the scaffolding
    Lucid #10 - DILD

    Iím entering a large city building block and heading up some wooden stairs. I enter a large room with layers of scaffolding and multiple wooden platforms rising up to the high ceiling. I see a friendly older lady stood on one of the platforms above wearing a suit and glasses. She smiles at me as if sheís been waiting for me to arrive. I climb a ladder up to the platform sheís stood on and as I reach the top she starts explaining something to me but I canít remember what it was. I wonder if sheís some kind of dream guide? (At this point Iím aware itís a dream but Iím not yet thinking clearly) She says a word that I donít recognise. I ask her what it means and she uses an analogy to explain it. It makes sense and I make a mental note to check the word when I wake up (annoyingly I forgot what it was!)

    It all gets a bit vague here but the next thing I remember Iím sat on one of the higher levels of the scaffolding with my legs hanging over the edge. Iím looking around at how real everything is and think Iíve been in this dream for a while now, maybe even 20 minutes (upon waking I donít believe this is correct) Iím quite impressed and the realism is uncanny to real life. After, I pull out a tube yogurt and start eating it. The room suddenly changes and Iím stood in the middle of a colourful, racing game track, like Mario Kart, with little cars racing toward me. As I keep eating the yogurt the dream keeps changing to different scenes like flicking through tv channels. Most of the scenes are racing car related though. I think it must be the sugar in the yogurt having some weird side effect on the dream? Everything then fades and Iím left in the blackness of the void.

    Iím only here for a few seconds before I feel acceleration, like Iím been pulled back into the dream. Itís similar to the sensations Iíve experienced during a WILD transition. I think I say something to myself like ďHold on, hold on!Ē as Iím pulled in. Whilst still in the dark I feel a floating sensation followed by an intense spinning like my whole body is spinning like a tornado. I worry my real body is doing this in bed and suddenly I awake on the floor in my childhood bedroom. I think I must have fallen out of bed and luckily I didnít hurt myselfÖ

    Stability: High
    Control: Low
    Clarity: Medium
    Awareness: Low
    Length: Low

    Trigger: None
    Reality check: None
    Length: 3 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: None
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 6:30am
    Lucid count: 10

    False awaken and Fly!
    Lucid #11 - DILD

    I awake suddenly in a strange bedroom sat up in bed next to my wife. Iím over the moon as Iíve just had a lucid dream! I tell her about it and explain I nearly had a WILD. I then get out my phone and Iím eager to write it all down. ďWhy are you writing it down, thatís weird?Ē she says. I ignore her and open my dream journal. Just then a random lady comes in through the door wearing a face mask. Iím surprised to see her and wonder why sheís just walked into the room? She holds a phone in her hand and comes up to the bed as if ready to take a photo. Iím really confused. She then asks permission and starts pulling the covers off my legs. ďNo!Ē I say and pull them back. It all feels very bizarre and then it hits meÖ Am I still dreaming? I lift my hands to do a finger palm reality check. I know it rarely works so I try to really focus and start stabbing my finger into my palm relentlessly. At first it doesnít do anything and I get annoyed. ďCome on!Ē I grumble and just like that my finger starts to feel like itís prodding clay and soon my finger makes a small hole. Itís a dream! Iím in shock and there is no doubt. The lady sighs and does a Ďdamn it!í gesture with her arm as if sheís disappointed I figured it out. Iím not happy and a bit annoyed she was trying to trick me. I jump out of bed and exit through a door next to the bed straight into a back street. ďSee ya!Ē I say, delighted to be free.

    I walk outside and see ahead of me a pleasant looking suburban neighbourhood, with some grass and a big tree. I look up and see blue sky and know the conditions are perfect to fly. I donít waste any time and do as I planned. I stand straight, look up at the sky, put my fist in the air like superman and push off from the ground. I instantly begin to float upwards and Iím excited itís working but itís very slow, like Iím been pulled up by a slow tractor beam. I reach the height of a house but then feel like my body is weighing me down and gravity pulls me straight back to the ground.

    I try again and this time I float up steadier and I am pulled up past a house and a tree and watch as they get smaller and smaller below me. It seems Iíve got the hang of it and look back to the sky and see the clouds high up that I want to reach and keep my fist firmly pointed toward them. I feel like Iím getting really high now so I look back down again and see a birds eye view of rows of houses from far above. I should be frightened by the dizzying height but Iím not and think itís so cool! I look back at the sky and pass through wisps of thin cloud and then through a big thick grey one. This makes everything go a bit blurry and as I look around all I can see now is clouds and what could be the faint blue glow of the earthís atmosphere. I wonder if I should keep going and attempt to reach outer space but I decide not to over do it and enjoy this experience instead but just then all fades and I awake (for real this time).

    Waking Notes:

    Interesting overall experience with some dreaming firsts. The first dream was very low level lucid and I wasnít thinking as clearly as Iíd like and forgot a lot of the details. Things got rather confusing after as I experienced a WILD/ DEILD kind of experience and lost lucidity along the way and had my very first false awakening though it wasnít set in my real bedroom. Thankfully I noticed the strangeness of the new dream and was able to regain a higher level of lucidity. I remembered my dream goal and took off from the ground as planned for the first time. It wasnít quite the exhilarating flying experience I had imagined but a great first step. My focus on flying upward toward the sky was maybe why my flight was so linear.

    Stability: High
    Control: Medium
    Clarity: High
    Awareness: Medium
    Length: Low

    Trigger: Dream oddity and RC
    Reality check: Finger palm
    Length: 5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Learn to Fly
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 6:30am
    Lucid count: 11
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