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    The Jack Nicholson horror film

    by , 12-10-2020 at 06:57 PM (149 Views)
    The Jack Nicholson horror film
    -Vivid - NLD

    I’m in my living room at night with my wife when suddenly an unknown and paranormal force begins to knock us about the room. It’s terrifying and this force is invisible. I’m even thrown and flipped over onto my stomach. I become half paralysed and all I can do is reach out to my wife with my hand and move my lips slightly. Thinking this is the end I try to say “I love you” to her but all that comes out is a faint whispering breath.
    Suddenly I’m back on my feet and trying to unlock the front door so we can both escape. Luckily we get out before it attacks again. After a moment outside we go back in the house as we believe we’ll be safer inside as the evil force has got out as well. I begin locking the porch door in a panic and tell my wife to check it’s definitely locked. I then lock the front door but it doesn’t work and opens again! I try again and it locks the second time. We know something is outside and wanting to get in and feel afraid and helpless. I quickly run to the living room realising the window might be open and It is! I hurry to shut it and an evil looking man who is a scarier version of Jack Nicholson from the shinning is there and grabs the window at the same time as me. I pull as hard as I can and get the upper hand, closing and locking the window. The man then looks through the window with a crazy, grin on his face. “Here’s Johnny!” He says almost mocking me as he pretends to be Jack Nicholson. I hurry away and find my wife in the hallway. I say “We’ll be fine if all the windows are shut”. She asks “what are we going to do if he smashes a window?” Disheartened but trying to brave I say “If he does, you get the baby and sneak out the back and get as far away as possible and call the police. I will... I will do what I can”. I feel upset saying that but my braveness feels heroic and sacrificial which gives me a sense of pride. She looks at me with pure love for saying that. “In fact call the police now” I say realising that would be smart. I go upstairs and check the window in the Babies room. It’s closed but I look through the blinds and see if I can see the man. He must be still at the window downstairs and I can’t see him from this angle. I then go to the kitchen. Jade is cooking and chopping onions as if nothings wrong! I then realise the kitchen window is open! “The window!” I say but my wife doesn’t seem bothered. “I’d rather him get in then have the window shut whilst I’m doing this”. she says. I run to the window and try to shut it but the man is there and this time gets the upper hand and gets through. I am scared and react by grabbing an electric toothbrush and stabbing him in the eye with it. I then turn it on which creates a big bloody eye socket as it vibrates. I say something like “Can you help me!” To my wife but she doesn’t. “I don’t like horror films” she says and just like that the terror of the dream melts away and I suddenly think we’ve paid to have this experience as if renting a movie!? My wife isn’t bothered by it so it all stops suddenly. Jack Nicholson still with the toothbrush in his eye leaves and pulls off a fence panel in my garden. He looks back at us and knows he’s defeated. “Wrong house anyway, I was looking for Mr. Bruntons!” He says as if telling us it’s time for him to move on to his next victims. We smile and watch him go through the fence. The ordeal is over.

    Analysis: Wow I loved this dream! It was my first official nightmare since I started my journal but it was so vivid with a mostly coherent plot and I remember it so well and that fear was so real! Again there are some major recurring themes. The evil attacker/ intruder theme again along with this bizarre not been able to lock doors problem? I think this must stem from me locking the doors every night before bed? Still it’s the 3rd time this has happened and needs noting as a serious dream sign. It was a mostly scary dream but was funny how it fizzled away into silliness at the end. The most interesting part however was the beginning. That invisible force, throwing me around, pinning me down and making me unable to move or talk?! It had similarities to how people describe sleep paralysis and I wonder if it was some lesser form of it only within a dream setting and not my bed room? It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this either and may have been my transition from waking to dream as it took place in my house? Interesting though very frightening at times.

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