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    Meeting with the dream guide

    by , 07-04-2021 at 02:32 PM (222 Views)
    The guiding lights
    Lucid# 5 - DILD

    I知 walking along a large, open courtyard surrounded by grass. There are people all around and walking past me. I then notice a woman who catches my eye. I知 not sure if it痴 her that makes me become lucid but the next thing I remember I知 aware I知 dreaming.
    Things feel a little unstable though and I worry I will wake up so I decide to take it slow and look around to make sure it really is a dream.

    The scene has turned to night now and I知 on the grass. I look left and right and admire the detail and realism of the grass. I then see small lights dotted in two lines in front of me like a runway. It痴 clear I am to follow them and I start moving towards them. Things feel eerily quiet now, all the people have disappeared and once again I feel that sensation that something powerful is present and guiding me. I look to the dark sky and yell 填nconsciousness?! Playing with the idea that he is behind this. He doesn稚 respond and the dream begins to fade, fade, fade and goes grey. 泥amn I致e lost it I think to myself and expect to wake up but I don稚 (To be continued)

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: Low
    Control: Low
    Clarity: Medium
    Awareness: Medium
    Length: Low

    Trigger: Spontaneous
    Reality check: None
    Length: 1 minute (approx.)
    Goals: none
    Techniques: WBTB
    Time: 6 - 7am
    Lucid count: 5

    Meeting with the dream guide
    Lucid #6 - DEILD/ WILD

    Everything goes black and I知 left consciously aware in a dark void. I know I知 still asleep and begin to hear a strange electronic sound? 奴woo, zwoo, zwoo it goes in iterations like a muffled, vibrating machine. I feel like it痴 the sound of my mind buffering and even see a swirling circle in the distance like a Mac loading symbol. There is a moment of fear as I wonder if I知 trapped here but I remain calm and know a dream is coming. Sure enough I begin to feel that rushing sensation I felt last time. 滴ere we go! I tell myself with excitement. I then feel my consciousness sucked downwards, really fast like I知 been pulled into a black hole and I hear a loud, screeching sound as if I知 a jet flying. 展hooooa! I yell but not in fear but in exhilaration at the sensation. I then see ghost like shapes forming and swirling in front of me and know the dream is about to form.

    I start to picture where I want to go and what I want to do. I remember I wanted to fly through the clouds like the birds I saw last night. I wonder if I could embody a bird as well but then consider that may be too advanced. I begin to see the clouds forming below me with a pink, sunset light. I reach out and try to imagine what the clouds would feel like to make it solidify. I think it痴 working but then things become fuzzy and instead of flying through the clouds I appear in an old wooden house that seems devoid of furniture. I have a body again and have entered a dream.

    I move through the empty room and come out on top of some old creaky wooden stairs. I remember I was trying to speak to my unconsciousness in my last dream and look up for the sky but of course there is no sky only the ceiling. I see a window to the right and know I need to get outside and talk to the sky like I had done before. I may not have much time so I hurry down the stairs hoping to find a way out of the house. the room below is similar, the walls are wooden and the room looks abandoned and decaying.

    I知 then distracted as I remember one of my dream goals. To speak to a dream guide. I turn to the wall and say to myself with great excitement, 展hen I turn around I will see my dream guide I say this twice and hope it works. I知 a little nervous to turn around though and hope I haven稚 manifested something scary. I turn around and to my delight a man is stood there smiling at the other end of the room. It worked! I try to focus and wonder if he looks like the wise old master I pictured he would. He doesn稚, not at all. He is a 30 something year old man with a hard face and a shaved head. He is wearing a white vest and jeans and looks a bit like a thug. 添ou!? I say now feeling like I recognise the man from an earlier dream. 添eah he says with an accent, possibly Brooklyn? I walk up to him in disbelief and I知 a little disappointed and wonder if this is just a random dream character super imposed as a guide. I ask him anyway what I wanted to ask 滴ow do I get better at lucid dreaming? He smiles and looks away with a shake of his head as if he gets asked that all the time and it痴 a pointless question. 鏑ook, you don稚 need to ring that bell anymore he says in his pally yet gruff, tough guy voice. I don稚 know quite what he means but take it as he痴 saying I don稚 need to ask anymore as I already know the answer.

    We walk together into another room to the left. It has the same decaying interior and wooden walls but some furniture is scattered about and a fire place is at the front of the room and a window to my left. 展hat do you mean? I ask him again. He shrugs and can稚 seem to find a way to explain it to me. 的 don稚 know, you just don稚 need to do that anymore he says just as vague. 添es but what do you mean? I ask hoping he will be clearer, he just smiles.

    I then register there is loud music playing in the room and other people are around me. I look to my right and see two people dancing in a silly way. One is on a unicycle and has a big umbrella and a top hat. 泥on稚 look at them, they池e trying to distract you the guide says. I quickly turn back to him thinking the dream is trying to snap me out of lucidity. I remember my mission and now crouch down and grab a small wooden stool and place it in front of me and begin to feel the smooth polished top. I knod at the guide as if saying 的 got ya and know I have to keep interacting with the dream physically for it to stay stable.

    Im ready to listen to him again and notice another man has joined us as well. Another guide perhaps? I can稚 remember getting a good look at him. They池e both here to advise me but I知 distracted and start feeling a thick carpet below me. I rub my hand through it and can feel every thick clump of carpet rub against my fingers. It痴 all so real but I notice there is some sort of frame disrupting my vision slightly. I think it may be my glasses and so I take them off. It was glasses and I hold my pair in my hand. Everything is now even clearer and I admire how real it all is. It feels so stable as well as if I could stay here for hours.

    I then remember I wanted to try dream food and decide to manifest something. I close my hand and look away, I shut my eyes and say 努hen I look back at my hand I will see a piece of cheese. I open my eyes but now my vision has blurred as if there痴 mud in my eyes. I realise it痴 because I shut my eyes and feel stupid now for doing so. I look at my hand and there痴 no cheese either! I look away again and repeat the same but keep my eyes open this time. I look back and there痴 still no cheese. My dream guides look at each other and snigger as if saying 哲ewbie! The dream then fades and ends.

    I awake again in darkness and wonder if another dream is coming. I can hear the electronic noise again in my ears, 奴woo, zwoo, zwoo and think I must be dreaming still. I try to move my fingers to find out if I知 awake and I manage to move them and now open my eyes. I appear to be awake in bed but I can still hear the noise? I wonder if this is a realistic false awakening but then I realise the noise is coming from my bedside fan and as I focus on the sound it fades into a regular fan whirling sound. I am awake.

    wowza! So a DILD and a DEILD! I think the first lucid may have been spontaneous but was rather short. Those lights were interesting. They were similar to the arrow I once saw in another Lucid but this time I followed it. Again I played with the idea that my unconsciousness was there and leading me somewhere.

    When the dream faded I thought I壇 blown it but then came the void. That was maybe the most interesting part. As it turned out the weird noise I was hearing was just the fan by the side of my bed but at the time it felt like I was hearing some noise from deep within my mind. Of course it wasn稚 but it helped me stay aware as an anchor and lead me into a seamless DEILD. Once again I was sucked into the dream. It痴 a strange sensation as if been pulled at light speed into another dimension. I then stayed completely aware and tried to form a dream of my choice. I was watching a flock of birds fly over my house before bed and came up with the idea of embodying a bird and flying through the clouds so I tried to make that happen and I feel I was close but then it all changed and I was in that random wooden house. I can remember the space so well as if it is a real location I have visited.

    I was happy to remember to ask for a dream guide and it worked, I got one! He wasn稚 at all what I was expecting but it was fun and surreal to meet him. I recognised him and was sure he was in a previous dream earlier on in the night that I don稚 remember now. He seemed so real and had a personality but like all dream characters was vague and spoke in riddles as well. 添ou don稚 have to ring that bell anymore I didn稚 understand this at the time but it seemed like a figure of speech. I think he was trying to tell me you don稚 need to know how to get better at lucid dreaming, you know how, you池e doing it! I guess it was quite encouraging and the answer I needed upon waking.

    Then there was that moment with the distracting dancers. He told me not to look at them. He was giving me real advice and it was as if he knew this dream world well and was helping me. It Was very surreal. The moment I took my glasses off was amazing as well. The clarity and vividness was unbelievable! Then I ruined it by trying the food thing and shutting my eyes! That was the moment I killed the dream and it all disappeared quickly after that. It Was a shame and I知 yet to try dream food! What a great experience though. I really need to master these DEILDs.

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: High
    Control: Medium
    Clarity: High
    Awareness: High
    Length: Medium

    Trigger: Dream exit
    Reality check: None
    Length: 3-5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Summon a dream guide
    Techniques: DEILD, Sound Anchor
    Time: 6 - 7:30am
    Lucid count: 6

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