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    Rabid dogs in Tokyo

    by , 12-07-2020 at 08:59 PM (119 Views)
    Rabid Dogs in Tokyo
    Vivid - NLD

    Iím with a friend walking down a back alley towards a road. The setting is hot brown and dusty and reminds me of Spain. A vicious looking stray dog begins barking at me and comes running over not aggressively but defensively. I quickly jump on a nearby dumpster in fear and now more dogs have appeared all around me. Realising I canít stay up here forever I get down and carry on cautiously. Now there are loads of big stray dogs coming over and surrounding me. I start to regret coming this way but itís too late. They are all following me at my heels and barking and growling. I smile nervously but I am scared theyíre going to attack and bite me at any minute. There must be ten dogs now! I keep my arms in the air protecting my fingers and making sure they can see Iím not a threat. I keep walking slowly and donít run as it may provoke them. The pack is now circling me as I move forward and I keep an eye on each dog. I see one in front of me growling viciously. Itís teeth are out and snarling and it has one white eye. Itís quite scary but I remain calm and keep walking.

    Later I arrive at a bus stop with my friends and the dogs are gone. We are in Tokyo and the rest of the people at the stop are Japanese. I see a Japanese man crossing the road in a suit, he is hurrying toward us and suddenly falls back on his bum in the middle of the road. He is in pain and canít move. Itís then bystanders point out in a panic that a bus is coming straight for him! I look and see a bus is coming but itís not quite here yet. I believe I can make it in time and since nobody else is helping I dash forward onto the road and grab the mans hand. I hear the bus horn sound and know it wonít stop but I have enough time to get him and donít panic. I pull him up quickly and together we stumble onto the pavement and the bus goes by. The man is panting and relieved. Nobody seems to react to what I did but I feel like a hero.

    Later we are in a tightly packed Gondola train. I look through the window and see weíre going higher and higher and now above some of the skyscrapers. Itís Tokyo at night and itís quiet and eerie and the city below looks futuristic like Blade runner and made up of cold blue metal skyscrapers. I can really see the size of the city from this view point and notice the train system is all above the sky scrapers. Its amazing.

    After a recent dog bite nightmares about dog attacks have been common though they usually involve the real dog that bit me. He wasnít here this time and maybe why I wasnít as terrified as usual. The second half had some nice travel type scenarios which were fun. Futuristic Tokyo Felt extraordinary to see and it was nice to feel like a hero at the end.

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