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    The Road to myself - NLD 14/05/20

    by , 09-26-2020 at 11:16 AM (82 Views)
    The Road to myself
    - Vague

    I am stood on the main road in my village at night. Itís eerily quiet and completely deserted. I stand in the middle of the road and feel excited I have the whole space all to myself and want to do or act something out and canít wait to have fun. Just then a van pulls up with headlights on. I get nervous and think he may be here to cause me harm. Feeling vulnerable I hurry home, dashing a little as I do to get away faster. As I walk up my street I see a hospital worker heading to his car and know it must be early morning.

    Analysis: The very first moment I felt a hint of lucidity. I couldnít recall what I wanted to do on that road but Iím sure this was me wanting to experiment with a lucid dream though I hadnít fully become lucid at that moment. It soon turned into a scary scenario though with the threatening and mysterious van showing up.

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