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    Snowflakes in Norway

    by , 08-11-2021 at 10:19 PM (305 Views)
    Snowflakes in Norway
    -Lucid #9 - DILD

    Iím walking down a wide path, it looks like a back alley of some sort and has fences either side. Iím with my wife and talking to her about Lucid dreaming. I ask her if sheís ever had one. She thinks for a moment and then says ďyeah I think I haveĒ. ďYeah most of us have had a spontaneous one at some pointĒ I explain.

    We keep walking and then, as Iím talking I start to wonder if this is a dream? Iím not sure why but something feels odd about the scene and where I am. ďWait, Is this a dream?Ē I stop and say with an amused and doubting smile. My wife looks at me amused and I feel silly even considering it but I decide to check. I look at my hands and stretch and curl my fingers. They look real and there is no reason to doubt them. I look around for more clues. Everything about the world looks 100% real and Iím pretty sure Iím awake.

    ďIs this a dream?Ē I ask again and chuckle awkwardly as Iím really not sure and she probably thinks Iím mental right now. Though it feels a little silly I do the finger palm check and start stabbing my palm with my finger. It doesnít go through but a very slight sponginess on my skin makes me question things again. ďNahĒ I say and wag my finger, not wanting to be fooled. ďIím sure this is a dream?Ē I then see a metal post which has some text on it. I decide to do the text change reality check. I concentrate on a word, look away and then back again. I wasnít expecting anything from this but as I look back the word has indeed changed!!! It hits me, I am dreaming! I canít believe it and never before have I felt so sure things were real and now Iíve proven it Iím still in disbelief.

    In excitement I clap my hands together and say ďRight!Ē, as if I canít wait to get stuck in and have fun but as I do a worry passes over my mind and I see again how real everything is. I then wonder what if Iím mistaken and this isnít a dream? It could mean I do something dangerous or regrettable in real life. I decide I need to do the Check again so there is no doubt. I look back at the same text and away again. As before the text changes to gibberish. I do it one last time to be safe and the text changes again and even glitches and looks to be sliding off the post. There is no doubt now this is a dream and Iím amazed!

    Iím not sure if the dream jumps here or if Iíve forgotten a section but the next thing I know Iím in a crowded gift shop. I remember I want to try flying so I need to get outside. I see an emergency exit which people are leaving through. I hurry out the door but as I leave I look back and see my wife is walking on, oblivious to the fact I have ditched her. I know sheís a dream character but still I feel a little bad.

    I leave and arrive outside next to the big building I was just in which is layered in shiny black metal. I look ahead and itís right on the shore of a giant frozen lake and beyond are large snowy mountains. The sun is just setting behind them, creating a beautiful orange glow which lights the mountains and shimmers on the frozen lake. I walk up to the lake and Iím in awe along with other spectating tourists. Itís so beautiful and Iím sure Iím in Norway. I really want to take a photo but I know it would be pointless in a dream.

    I then look around some more and see huge snowy mountains to the side as well, shrouded in dark cloud. I remember my mission to fly and look up at the night sky and the black cloud and wonder if I can do it? I then see hundreds of large, snowflakes falling from the sky, which gently flutter to the ground. One hits me on the head and I feel a cold wetness as it melts. Iím a bit annoyed the dream has manifested these obstacles and so I look up to the dark sky and say ďSnowflakes stop!Ē For a moment I think itís worked as they ease off but then a second wave appears from the blackness above and start falling. I donít know what to do about it and then the dream ends.

    I started off talking about dreaming so my mind must have been focused on it. It took me a while to convince myself it was a dream but it was nice that I stuck to my suspicion and didnít give up. Once again the palm reality check was unreliable but I decided to try the text change RC which I noticed worked in another lucid dream. It worked again this time and is definitely my most effective reality check. It was funny how I had to double check, thatís how real and genuine it felt. I was so convinced and it taught me just how real dreams can feel. It was a nice location I found myself in and I remembered my dream goal but sadly the dream then worked against me and those damn snow flakes just wouldnít stop. I then woke up and itís hard to know why. It was so abrupt it may be just that the REM period had ended. Either way it was a cool experience even if I didnít get to achieve my flying goal.

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: High
    Control: Low
    Clarity: High
    Awareness: High
    Length: Low

    Trigger: Talking about dreaming
    Reality check: Finger palm & Text change
    Length: 5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: None
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 2:30am
    Lucid count: 9
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