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    Summon the T.Rex!

    by , 10-28-2021 at 07:01 PM (307 Views)
    Summon the T.Rex!
    Lucid #12 - DILD

    Iím walking through my childhood neighbourhood at night, talking with a group of friends I used to have but havenít spoken to in a long time. One of them playfully tackles another onto the grass and they start play fighting. Iím tackled as well and grab hold of my friends coat to wrestle with him. I suddenly realise the coat is weightless and as I lift it up I find itís empty? Heís gone!? I look around and see now everyoneís gone!? Not only that, itís now day light?! ďIím in a dream!Ē I realise!

    I try to remain calm as things feel a little blurry and unstable. I quickly grab some kind of concrete post and feel itís rough texture to ground myself and engage my senses. I then see some leaves on a tree and pluck one from a branch and inspect its veins. Iím then distracted by a car coming down the road and remember my goal to go along with the dream plot like an actor in a movie. I run in front of the car and yell ďstop!Ē The car stops and I go and bang on the window. Not knowing what the plot is I decide to make up my own and say ďthereís a T.Rex coming, let me in!Ē The couple in the car donít react and remain eerily still, looking forward like emotionless A.I. characters. They then drive off down the road and Iím left disappointed by their lack of participation. Suddenly I hear screams and see people running around the corner and up the road toward me, followed by a giant T.Rex! Iím amazed that I managed to summon a realistic dinosaur but Iím also a little nervous as it stomps toward me roaring.

    I either forget the next part or the dream jumps as I find myself hiding behind a wall and the T.Rex is stomping around and looking for me. I go in a large crate hoping to find a shot gun but itís empty so I pretend I have a shot gun instead. The dinosaur finds me and I pretend to cock my imaginary gun and shoot it whilst making the sound effects with my mouth like I would have done as a kid. It doesnít do anything so I run away as fast as I can up a tight spiral staircase with the T.rex hot on my heels. Itís become like a video game and each time it catches up I turn and shoot it with my imaginary gun hoping it will knock it back. The staircase seems to be going on forever and Iím a little scared the T.Rex will actually get me and hurt me even though itís a dream. Thankfully I see Iím a few steps away from the top and going to make it but my relief is followed by blurred vision and a sudden wake up.

    Quality: Medium
    Trigger: Oddity
    Reality check: None
    Length: 2minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Go along with the plot
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 6-7am
    Lucid count: 12

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