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    Winter competition entries 2022

    by , 12-02-2022 at 02:19 PM (265 Views)
    Winter competition entry:

    Night: 08/12

    Talking with Tipharot:
    Lucid - DILD

    I’m in a laundromat’s when suddenly Matt from the lucid dream YouTube channel “Tipharot” walks in and casually starts doing his laundry next to me. It’s a bizarre coincidence and I wonder if I should say hello. “So I’ve heard you’ve started lucid dreaming?” he says first, initiating a conversation as if he knows of me. “Yeah, who told you that?” I ask, wondering who are mutual friend is but he doesn’t tell me. “I’ve actually been doing this for over 2 years now” I say, explaining I’m not a beginner. Matt laughs as if that’s nothing in comparison to him and I can tell he still sees me as a beginner. Suddenly I realise I’m talking about lucid dreaming, one of my major dream signs! I start doing a finger palm reality check and Matt begins to do the same. The finger palm isn’t working and I know it doesn’t always so I get out my phone instead and look at the time. I look away and back and see the time has changed! I do the check again and once more it changes. “Surely not” I think, finding it hard to believe this is all a dream. I do the check a 3rd time and once more the time changes. Matt has finished his check and starts talking to me again but I ignore him and step away. “My results aren’t adding up” I tell him sternly, now believing I may actually be dreaming and he is trying to distract me. I do the check one last time and confirm. I look back at Matt with pity, now seeing the truth and that he is as an unaware dream character. “This is a dream” I tell him bluntly. His expression turns to one of confusion, then fear, as he realises the devastating truth that he’s just a figment of my imagination. Sadly the dream ends quickly here.

    Night: 01/12/

    Fly to the tree:
    Lucid - DILD

    I’m on my childhood street. I can’t remember how I became lucid but I think I noticed the strangeness of my situation. I don’t remember my goal so I simply jump up and fly into the sky. My flight it successful but I feel heavy, like my dangling legs are dragging me down and I fly into the bare branches of a large tree and cling on. I look around and then have some fun swinging from the branches like a monkey until eventually I wake up.
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