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    5/4/14 - Brief lucid

    by , 05-04-2014 at 11:52 AM (873 Views)
    The farthest I remember back, I was in my room. I realized I was about to miss the bus (a common theme in my dreams as it is a prevalent fear IRL), so I frantically got ready and left. A few things were odd. My dad's girlfriend was there and they were both awake. It was morning, but it was dark (coulda sworn it was nighttime before). There were more people walking outside than there are usually.

    I got to my bus stop in time, but the bus drove right past me and almost hit two people. I went to chase it (in retrospect, I'm surprised I could run in a dream), but I realized it was not my bus. As I walked back to my stop, I figured this was unusual and did an RC; lo and behold, I'm dreaming. I feel myself become lucid and I hop into the air. I'm intent on having a world of fun, but the person next to me starts attacking me, making it impossible to concentrate, so I wake up.

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    1. AstralMango's Avatar
      Heh, chasing the bus. Nice going on the lucid! Really unfortunate that you got attacked though.