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    1. 8/31/13 - The Great Piss Adventure

      by , 08-31-2013 at 05:05 PM
      This is one of my longer and more interesting dreams and my recall is waning by the second. Let's do this!

      This dream was either very long or was an extension of the previous dream (basically a DEILD without the lucidity). I don't remember the first parts, save for that my sister was involved and there was a show that I wanted to watch after school. Now to the parts I remember:

      I was sitting in English class. There was some trip you could go on that day. I'm not one for doing after school things, so I refused. Besides, I had a show to watch. I said goodbye to my teacher and went to do whatever I had to do next. The school was not like my real one. After I was done with that, I had to hurry back to my English teacher's room, for whatever reason. The buses were leaving soon! I kept asking people how to get to her room, but the school was a bleeding labyrinth! I finally came across one of my friends and asked him, "What's the fastest way to Mrs. Callahan's (my teacher) room?" He replied, "Well, you can go straight through... (this part eludes me) or you can go through Bavaria at either end of the school." In this dream, there were two regions we referred to as "Bavaria" at either end of the school. These places were locker/shower rooms bathed in piss where freaky German dudes hung out (no offense to German people). For whatever reason, I decided this was my only option. I moved as quickly as possibe through the piss-covered rooms, trying hard to avoid slipping and being caught by a German kid. I tried to used walls to retain my balance, but every surface was covered in piss! I was almost free, but the Germans came after me. As I was about to exit Bavaria, some girls screamed as they saw me (the area looked like a store) and some German tried to grab me. I suddenly became invisible to them and everything became grayscale and there were words at the bottom of my vision. This is where the dream ends.

      Again, I apologize to any offended Germans!

      *The fear of missing the bus is a common element in my dreams, but this is the first time it's happened in a while, possibly because school starts on Thursday.
    2. 8/30/13

      by , 08-30-2013 at 04:56 PM
      My recall is faded because I waited to write this, but I clearly remember that the dream was about spiders and that I was scared, being an arachnophobe.
    3. Catching Up

      by , 06-25-2013 at 11:46 AM
      I figured I may as well start my journal now. I'll post what I've recorded in my physical journal so far:

      My first dream journal entry! I hope this works...!
      I finally had a dream about my love, [name withheld]. Unfortunately, nothing good happened, to say the least. If I recall correctly, she basically told me to stay away from her. I kept following her around, though, listening to her conversations. The weird part was when they [she and her friends] were talking about how women are superior to men. I don't remember whether this was the whole time. I think this was caused by two real-life experiences: I tried staring at [name withheld]'s picture so that I would dream about it [her]; that seems to have finally worked. As for their feminazi conversation, I believe that was caused by me watching that Miller 64 ad where the women beat the men at volleyball. This was my brain discussing with itself. I hope more and better dreams involving [name withheld] will come soon!

      6/23/13 [This was probably actually recorded on the 24th. I have a rather piss-poor sense of time.]
      Second dream! It took place at school again forgot to mention that before. I missed the bus leaving. Missing buses, now that I think about it, is a recurring theme in my dreams. [Name withheld] was there again, so I think my efforts to make this happen are working. Only time will tell! (PS - My friends and I were heroes of some sort. The Elder Scrolls was involved in some way. I think people were coming after us in the end, though.)

      [same day]
      Third dream. This one was horrible. It partly took place at school (I've noticed it's rarely my current school in dreams). The bad part was when my mother told me that my baby brother, [name withheld], was dead [she said he was hit by a car]. You can imagine my relief when I woke up. [As a side note, I was a bit anxious afterward. I've heard of several people who dream of their relatives dying, then awakening to find out that it was not just a dream.]

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