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    This time for real! - 1/12/14

    by , 01-12-2014 at 03:42 PM (908 Views)
    Okay, I may have had my REAL first lucid.

    This was part of a larger dream, but I forget most of the details. The important section was this:

    I was with two other people. I think a teenage girl and an older guy (who kinda looked like George Carlin, IIRC). We were going to do some sort of thing to help me get a lucid (how convinient). After I "went to sleep" (it really seemed more like a scene jump), I "started" dreaming and the two of them were standing in front of me. Not-George Carlin starts trying to walk me through everything, but I get a feeling of suspiscion and look around the room, ignoring him. I interrupted him and said, "I think this is a dream." I pinch my nose and breathed successfully a few times. I looked at my hand and it was screwy. The two people looked at each other and Not-George said to me, "Well done." They disappeared and I looked around some more, but the far ends and hallways were being engulfed by darkness, so I started spinning, but to no avail. I think it ended so quickly because I expected it to, which I'll avoid later.

    I think this was a true lucid because my actions and feelings felt like I was consciously doing them, though the events before and after still give me doubt.

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    1. dragonzrmetal's Avatar
      In a lucid you feel like you are there, it's like being in another world, but completely real. Yeah, if you can say it's a dream than it's probably lucid. I mean, imagine a dream about having a lucid dream. That's pretty damn cool.
      When I first had lucid dreams I would wake up, or end it, very quickly, but that doesn't happen anymore. It's not really practice, I just got used to it.
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