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    Timothy Paradox


    by , 12-07-2013 at 12:26 PM (407 Views)
    My mother was once again insulting and belittling me, making me feel powerless and frustrated. It was bullying, plain and simple. I wanted to hit her in the fucking face, but didn't.

    I approached what looked like a nazi training grounds (sand, strange obstacles and cover). A soldier spotted me (I was in crouch, clearly not conceiled enough) and he killed me with a flamethrower. I didn't feel pain, I just dropped down onto the ground. I also remember being shot dead, and being executed while laying on the ground, wounded. He walked up to me, and shot me in the head. I remember uttering "shit" before he fired. I never really died, by the way. I just felt numb, too weak to move or get up. I felt like resting. They carried off my "corpse" as I played dead (eyes and mouth open). I remember feeling this was a game, as everybody knew I was just acting.

    Later on, we're at some kind of high-class dinner. One of the guests at the table is a nazi, and I just gathered the proof. I think I tried to have him arrested. He was some kind of bigshot from history, like GoŽring.

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