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    Timothy Paradox

    16-06-30 Bike Ride Into the Netherlands

    by , 07-01-2016 at 12:26 AM (335 Views)
    I recall riding a bicycle, and feeling a very strange sense of euphoria. I kept riding, and in no time I knew I was in the Netherlands (I live in Belgium, not that terribly far from the border). I found myself in a grassy clearing, with trees all around. It was clearly summer. I left the bike behind, and stumbled around a bit. I felt "high" the whole time. I wanted to take a picture with my phone of the gorgeous landscape, which was hard - my vision was blurry and shaky, and movement felt weird. I pointed the phone directly at the sun (which was beautifully shining between the trees), but it took so long that I noticed a whole lot of people had moved into view. I didn't see them because of the sunlight shining directly into my eyes. They may have brought an RV or tents, not sure. Anyway, they noticed I was aiming my phone at them, and I realized how dumb I had to look to them. I stumbled off like a drunk in shame, back to my bike. Once there, a guy spoke to me (in Dutch with the correct accent) about something. He accidentally touched my bike, and it broke (almost fell apart, really). He apologized and offered to pay for it. He asked me how much I wanted. I was thinking about this, and that's all I remember.

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