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    Timothy Paradox

    16-07-01 Creepy girl, Nazi's and Flying/Phasing

    by , 07-01-2016 at 02:59 PM (446 Views)
    This dream partially overlapped with reality, as if I was in the early stages of a WILD - but I wasn't lucid. I saw a town. I recall some kind of device around my arm, and an application that reminded me of Facebook, or a dating app, telling me it suggested a nearby café for some reason. Only vague flashes remain of this bit. Then, I was in my bed (overlap with reality part starts here) and looked to my left through the open door of my bedroom. I saw a very creepy little girl dressed in red approach. I couldn't see her face. She looked a lot like Alma from the game FEAR. I was almost frozen in fear. At some point I decided I couldn't just lie there and let whatever happen, so I conquered my fear and jumped out of bed. I thought about getting one of my guns, and closing and locking the door. Sadly she was already in my room, walking by the bed to the other side. The rush of adrenaline I felt when I got out of the bed woke me up.

    This dream featured gameplay of the game Fury³, a very old Microsoft game from 1995. My view was the camera of the ship. I flew around Terran, the first planet. My objective was to blow up some kind of tower. I fired on it, but it wouldn't blow up yet. I flew up, then dived down for another volley. Another target (or the same one?) also flailed to blow up. It took off (it was a big ship) and flew off. Having failed to destroy it, I expected to fail the game, but I think I got assigned a new target instead.

    It started in a small room. It was a long time ago, possible early 20th century, or even late 19th century. A couple of men were showing their refrigerators (I know, random). They said it ran on 500 Watts of power. I had my refrigerator with me, a modern one (their was ancient, they were from the late 1800's after all), and said it ran on 2000 Watts. They got suspicious as mine looked way too "futuristic" to them. I was from the future, so their suspicion was justified. At some point I was apprehended by a Nazi. Gestapo, or SS. *Racism warning*. He called me a "nigger" and ordered me to come with him. I tried to reason with the creep, saying I was clearly white, but he would not listen. Some other guy, also a Nazi (except I had known this guy for longer, apparently) had to take me in. We walked through a large, crowded corridor. I begged him to look the other way for a moment so I could get away. He used to be a friend, I think. I managed to escape onto a small town square, then flee between two houses. The place looked pretty old and Mediterranean. I heard a Nazi scream something, and felt a whole horde of the bastards chasing me. I was running on the street, when I felt myself being lifted up from the ground. I started to fly. I wasn't freaked out by this, even though it was my first time (in this dream's continuity). I didn't mind, I knew they would never catch me at that speed. I wasn't very good at steering yet, and I felt I couldn't avoid hitting the houses on the other side of the street. I plunged right through the window of a café, past two people who were trying to enjoy their coffee. Despite not *really* remembering my previous flying experiences, I remembered I had always had trouble NOT flying into buildings and decided a different approach. I would *let it* happen, and see what happens. By ignoring the buildings and not worrying about what would happen, I phased right through them. I could "become solid" mid-flight and burst through walls/glass/whatever, which was cool. When I was out of the houses again, I gained altitude again and looked out over the town. I felt invincible. I wanted revenge on the Nazi's. I didn't care about their puny bullets anymore. I'd rip 'em apart with my bare hands, or use TK. I knew the school (the place I escaped from was a school, apparently) was to my left, so I tried to turn left while imagining the place to create it. I think I was lucid at this point. I probably gained lucidity at around the point I started flying. Sadly, I instantly woke up the moment I tried this.

    Final flash before I called it a night: someone was doing some kind of job (on a large wall?), and I was scratching rust off of my car.

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