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    Timothy Paradox


    by , 07-31-2016 at 11:23 AM (284 Views)
    I'm either on the ground, or I'm the "camera" and I'm close to the ground. A strange kind of snake, vaguely resembling a Cobra but not quite, creeps up on me and suddenly attacks. Suddenly, it's become a kind of large rodent. Somewhat rat-looking, but BIG, almost a small dog. It bites into my hand. I realize it's hurting me (even though it didn't really hurt, I don't think I've ever felt real pain in dreams), but I can't get it off. In panic, I bite into the creature's neck, and bite hard - almost severing the head completely.

    I remember I had a dream that took place at my old family home (or once again another place clearly modeled in its image). All details lost.

    I recall another dream involving multiple characters. I could fly, and I flew around a river (artificial-looking) of sorts. I flew above the water surface, making sure to stay high enough - as I knew there were "people" swimming underwater that could jump out and catch me. I also recall biting into a bikini-clad girl's hip for some reason.

    I was Spock (Zachary Quinto), dressed in a bizarrely effeminate outfit, doing a funny walk and finally attacking some enemies like a total badass. I wondered how this character could have been so popular when the first movie came out, if he looked this queeny.

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