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    Timothy Paradox

    16-08-12 Prison Escape, Hanging Out With Shadow Self

    by , 08-12-2016 at 02:44 PM (405 Views)
    A very profound dream, but unfortunately another "non-lucid lucid".

    It all started quite normally. My character was in a prison cell behind bars. It all had a somewhat medieval feel to it. The place was NOT on ground level, it as at least several floors up in a fairly high building in the city. In the hallway there was a lot of commotion. A fight of some kind. During the chaos, the barred cell doors opened, allowing us to escape. I vaguely remember a small crossbow? There was so much more to this dream that I forgot.

    I somehow got out of the building on ground level, and found myself in the city. It was night, and it was raining. Fortunately all the cars, buildings, street lights and colorful shops lit up the place quite well. I ran, and jumped to take off. I somewhat floated, then transitioned into flight. I was afraid it wouldn't work for a second. I flew through the city rather aimlessly. I was wearing my long, black leather coat and I notice how badass it looked during flight. I was trying to show off to someone on the ground. They didn't look at all surprised to see someone fly. I somehow KNEW this was because they were DC's, yet I wasn't lucid. I kept flying until I caught a glimpse of another person flying at a lower altitude below me. He was dressed just like me. I followed him and landed next to him (actually, I think we were bot hanging on to the side of a building). I immediately saw that he was me. I somehow understood that he was the manifestation of my subconscious, the ultimate dream guide. I said that he didn't look as ugly as I thought, and that this conversation wasn't as awkward as I had expected (I hate myself). We compared abilities, and he could do everything I could do and vice versa. At one point, we were standing at a table (still outside). I stared forward, and saw him to my left in my peripheral vision. I figured that if he is my subconscious, he should be able to hear my thoughts. I focused my thoughts on him (while still ignoring him, he didn't know about the experiment), and thought "if you can hear me, tap your fingers on the table three times". It took a while, and I had to repeat the thought several times, but eventually he did it- he tapped his fingers on the table as I had asked. We exchanged a knowing look, and left (now that I'm awake, I realize he didn't hear my thoughts, he was a DC, and as dreamer I made him obey by focusing what I wanted to happen). Later, we found ourselves seated in a little restaurant. The place was once again located pretty high up in a tall building in the city. The waiter came and served us our french fries.
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    1. darknightedlady's Avatar
      Nice that you were able to still make him do what you wanted. I have never met my direct shadow self- very nice.
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    2. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      It worked unintentionally. I thought he was reading my mind. In reality, the thought worked as a command.
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