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    Timothy Paradox

    16-10-15 Tsunami, High School, University

    by , 10-17-2016 at 12:29 AM (311 Views)
    I think I was on a really big ship, in the middle of the ocean, and we ran into a tsunami. I think the ship had to turn itself into the wave, to mitigate the impact and sail right through it.

    I was in a high school class. The building the classroom was in looked tall, and very industrial. It was located in an industrial one. Anyway, I was having an easy time, as my classmates were all teenagers, and I was 27. I think I was hitting on the teacher (young woman), wowing her with my knowledge? Later on, in the same classroom (I think) I got into a battle with someone. I think I could control rock, because I sent rock sprouting out of the ground towards my opponent. This person could control ice, however. She (or he) froze the rock and shattered it, which frustrated me a lot.

    This time I was in a (quite small) university classroom with people my own age. We were left alone with no teacher. Suddenly, people behind me (I was sitting in the front) started randomly having sex, and I just sat there feeling awkward as hell.

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