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    Timothy Paradox

    17-01-29 School Shooting

    by , 02-01-2017 at 12:23 AM (204 Views)
    I'm in a bathroom, one that closely resembles our bathroom from when I lived with my parents. I think I was getting dressed, but I had a friend (a black dude, never seen him before in real life) who was still in the shower. When I got out of the shower, I accidentally left the door open, and water had spilled all over the floor. The floor was made of light gravel (as it used to be in real life), and the water got between the gravel, soaking into the floor.

    I left the bathroom, and found myself in a massive corridor that resembled a shopping mall. I went all the way to the back of the hallway, and up an escalator. There was a military outpost there. The soldiers were clones, like the ones from Star Wars. I apparently got into a big fight with one of the commanding officers, who betrayed me. The clones under his command immediately opened fire on me. The day before I watched an episode of "The Clone Wars" in which a clone commander betrays the Jedi. I grabbed my own gun (a pump-action shotgun, I think) and fired on my attackers while I rushed back down the escalator. I ran back through the hallway and exited through a door somewhere.

    I found myself in one of my former schools (it was a mix of several of my former schools). I wandered around, not sure where I was going. I was still armed to the teeth, and realized I was around children... in a school. They'd think I was one of those terrible school shooters, and I didn't want that! I hid the gun in the sleeves of my coat (!!). I now had two guns, one in each sleeve. I walked through classrooms, and across the courtyard of the school. One person recognized me, and shouted something at me. But it was definitely the present, not the past. I walked behind a couple of girls who were on their way to their next class (I guess), and saw a teacher I recognized (in reality, he is a German actor who plays the medic in the movie 'Der Üntergang', or 'Downfall'). I asked him how to find the building where the adults take their evening classes (that was apparently the large building I had escaped from). Not sure why I was trying to go back there.

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