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    Timothy Paradox

    17-04-16 Time-Travel Nightmare, VR Nightmare

    by , 04-16-2017 at 07:20 PM (236 Views)
    I was in a room, I think on the first floor. There was a puddle of water on the floor. Suddenly, something happens. The water starts moving... towards one of the walls. The puddle splits up into many smaller puddles, and they start crawling up the wall. Gravity starts shifting, and the air turns "electric". I could feel static electricity as I moved my hands through the air. Drops of water floated in the air. Suddenly, there was a "flash". I was still in the same house, but everything was different. All the furniture was in different places, and there were boxes everywhere. I recognized the mess from when I moved into this house, a year ago. It dawned on me that I had somehow ended up in the past, but I could not yet believe it. I was terrified, and wanted out of there ASAP. Outside, I found a person. I immediately asked him what year it was. It was 2016 according to him. That's when I moved in here. The whole dream, despite seeming like sci-fi when I read my notes now, was a complete nightmare when I was having it. I was terrified. I then had a false awakening. I saw a "picture" of a certain fictional character I fancy, and her eyes went black and started weeping black tears. Then I had another awakening, this time the real one... for several minutes, I was very paranoid about my surroundings, frightened I was still dreaming. I wasn't.

    I was having another frightening experience in a large, condemned building. After a while, I knew this was a "VR game". I navigated a few corridors in the the open air, on walkways above the ground. I caught a glimpse of a "thing" in the distance, and thought it was a monster that had now seen me. Another "thing" approached from the opposite direction, the direction I was headed. I was pretty scared, until I saw the thing was just an older woman. I think she was a teacher. She started talking to me, and I amazed at the graphical quality of her animations and the realism of the world around me. I could now "feel" the VR goggles on my head.

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