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    Timothy Paradox

    17-11-12 'Evil' Claire Badly Hurt, Deathmatch

    by , 12-21-2017 at 11:36 AM (85 Views)
    I was with a team of soldiers/mercenaries, and had to check a large warehouse for enemies. I think maybe I'd overslept and I had forgotten to do recon, or gotten to know the guys in my squad I'd be working with. That's what the notes imply, anyway... This is all over a month ago.

    The 'evil' version of Claire had gotten badly injured on an assignment (we were on that job together, I think) and had been taken into an ambulance. I was very worried. The EMT informed me she was lost. Logically, I already knew as I'd seen what happened to her. She'd basically been torn in half, only her torso and head remained more or less intact. The thought she was gone for good sank in and I was pretty devastated with grief.

    Later, I was at a doctor's office, grieving. REDACTED NAUGHTY EVENT. I heard a sound outside, of someone arriving at the house. This scared me (considering what I was doing). Claire was with them. I ran outside to check the street, thinking she left again. Turns out she was in another small building on the property. I worried she'd seen what I was doing. I entered the room she was in. She was sitting on a chair against the wall, next to another young woman I didn't know. I felt so relieved she was okay. Yet I was still too fucking scared to tell her how I feel and he acted quite distant (I think she know how destroyed I was when she died in that ambulance and it was awkward). I made it all more awkward by trying to distract from the awkwardness by petting some random cat...

    I remember a kind of deathmatch game in harbor area. Claire was there too. I tried to impress her (I guess?) by trying to kill her (just a game, remember), but she was too fast (scaling rooftops easily) for me to get a proper shot at her (with a sniper I found in a doom-styled castle parapet area.

    I also recall flying a plane at low altitude across very rough terrain (canyons). Oh, and sailing a speedboat in a slalom between cop speedboats trying to lose them (GTA-style), but they saw me anyway.

    Eventually, after all of this, I stood on a kind of pier or dock in the middle of the water (hard to describe). The sun was shining and 'the others', presumable competitors of that deathmatch game we had earlier were there, too. I felt great. I had that 'vacation feeling'. But with that came the sharp realization this would not last.

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