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    Timothy Paradox

    17-11-14 Supernatural Horrors

    by , 11-14-2017 at 03:40 PM (456 Views)
    Pretty cool nightmare. I'd entered some kind of 'other dimension' populated entirely by supernatural killers, one of which was Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It began innocently enough, with me strolling through what looked like a library, though it also sold candy and reminded me of the candy shop in my local movie theater. Suddenly I heard a disembodied voice mock me, and the scene turned dark and scary instantly. There was a scene where I saw a man walking, and every time he appeared again (he walked behind objects sometimes) his face turned gruesome, looked straight at me and screamed loudly in a very demonic manner. There were way more scenes, most of which I forgot. In the end, I found the exit. It was guarded by Pennywise himself. I managed to convince the beast it was best to let me leave, but it was a very tense moment. Pennywise constantly vanished and then reappeared somewhere else right outside my field of vision, right when I was slowly advancing towards the exit gate while trying to convince It. I got out of the gate and found myself back in the "normal" dream world. I immediately flew away as fast as I could. Somehow, as I was escaping, I felt like I *was* one of the monsters.
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    Tags: flight, pennywise
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Good reason not to watch that movie!

      I got out of the gate and found myself back in the "normal" dream world.
      That must have felt like a relief! Hey, wait did you know that you were dreaming then?
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    2. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      Oh, the new 'It' is great. It wasn't that scary to me, as I'm an adult now. The 1980's 'It' scarred me for life, though. I was 11 when I watched it.

      No, I didn't know I was dreaming at the time. Though it wouldn't be impossible. I've been having a lot of dreams in which "lucidity" is part of the non-lucid dream plot. How do I explain this... I think I know I'm dreaming, but I don't 'really' know. Even though I'm right. I have my lucid 'powers', but I'm not truly lucid.
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