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    Timothy Paradox

    17-12-01 Floating Down River Styx, HP Insecurity

    by , 12-21-2017 at 02:27 PM (235 Views)
    I found myself laying on some kind of raft, floating on a river of boiling lava. It was pretty clear this was Hell, and that river was pretty clearly the famous Styx. I had to be careful moving around on the 'raft' (the raft felt soft, more like a mattress, blanket or mat instead of a wooden raft) as every compression allowed lava onto its surface, touching my hands/ I actually touched the lava a few times, but it didn't do any damage and it didn't hurt. There was a giant three-headed monster on the shore, eating fleeing people left and right. The people were all dressed very modern and casual, and they looked as confused as I was. No one knew how they'd gotten there, only that this place was awful. The monster is of course based on Cerberus, the monster from Greek mythology that guards the Styx in Dante's Inferno. But this version of Cerberus didn't look like a dog. Its neck was long and serpentine, and its heads looked like the head of a Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus rex. It was the size of a large house. There were also smaller monsters, I can only call them 'demons'. Vicious critters the size of a man. About the environment... It felt very 'alien'. Not at all like a volcanic environment, as people often think of Hell. This felt more like a lava river on Mars or something. Nothing felt familiar. There was a man with a large camera down there, filming the horrible scenes. I was seeing the scene though his lens, now. Then he got caught by Cerberus. The camera fell to the ground, as the beast gobbled him down in one vicious bite. The camera was on the ground, me still seeing the scene though it. Like in the ending of Paranormal Activity, a ghost-like entity attacked the camera as if it knew I was watching. I was scared half to death.

    The next scene appeared to be a continuation of the Hell dream. I awoke in a large room, where others were also waking up. My grandmother (on father's side) was there too. She spoke about getting ready for the "next film", or something? We were doing some weird kind of ritual. A satanic ritual?

    This dream was far less pleasant than the last one. I was in what I think was a bar? A certain celebrity I've been obsessed with was there. While I was working up the courage to talk to her, tongue tied and not even sure what to say, I noticed another guy I used to know from work (Nick P.) was already confidently chatting her up. Now, in real life, Nick is someone who's going places. He started his own company. He's smart, driven, stylish, sociable, and therefore all the things I am not. Being confronted with "not being good enough" was humiliating. Can I go back to Hell, please?

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