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    Timothy Paradox

    17-12-29 Ilia's Secret Lab, Hydromancy (Splitting Water)

    by , 01-01-2018 at 05:19 AM (103 Views)
    I'm in a large warehouse-like space, but dressed up for people to live in. I knew this was where Ilia S. lived (an Israeli scientist active in the life extension community). I remembered being there before, but it was a complete mess that time. It still was, but less so. There were large bookcases, and books laying around everywhere. There was a secret laboratory underneath the warehouse. Underneath THAT secret lab was an even more secret lab, where a woman worked. Another Spanish (male) scientist was present in the warehouse. At some point I open a fridge, and see a can of what I assumed was whipped cream. Fancying some whipped cream, I took the can and sprayed half the can into my mouth and ate it. A scientist points out to me it wasn't whipped cream at all, but an experimental serum. Table cleaner?

    There's a large fantasy-style battle. I think there were dwarves? Anyway, after the battle ended in a 'tie' or a truce, I go look for REDACTED. I wanted to comfort him and promise I'd never give up trying to save his daughter. I thought I'd found him, but instead I found a small 'burrowing alien creature' mourning for the loss of its partner (during the battle?). Yeah... A bit later, I'm standing by a kind of large basin filled with water. Like a huge swimming pool (like 300 feet long at least) made of concrete. I notice the water appears to move as I focus on it. I focus harder, and 'will' the water to start bubbling. Eventually, the whole pool bubbles violently, and I realize I must be some kind of 'hydromancer'. Then, I thought about another trick. I focused all my power, and forced to split the water like how Moses split the dead sea. It was amazing. It required me to focus so hard, I was screaming from the sheer willpower it took to maintain the effect.

    After waking, I recalled all the dreams I've had in which I caused accidental tsunami waves just by being near an ocean. And I mean HUGE tidal waves, the size of a skyscraper. Subconscious can be so much more powerful than consciousness, and these monster waves show just how powerful hydromancy can be (effortlessly too, compared to how much focus I needed to split the water consciously)!

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