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    Timothy Paradox

    18-03-28 Shootout, Noah

    by , 03-29-2018 at 03:52 PM (148 Views)
    I was in a building that's honestly too hard to properly describe. A bunch of corridors and rooms. One little building looked like a guardhouse, like one you'd see next to car barrier gates. The whole place felt mildly industrial. The place was littered with corpses. A massive firefight was going on. I'm not sure who killed them all, me or 'him'. I had a pistol I was wielding. I was on the ground at some point, crawled over to a dead enemy, and took his revolver. From another corridor came two men. I aimed, shot and killed the first. He was wearing a suit, and didn't look like a merc like the others, but everything happened too fast and I didn't think. Right behind him was Noah Bennet. I immediately recognized him, and disarmed my revolver (gently letting the hammer down). Noah was cautious and kept his weapon on me. He had me put down my entire arsenal (I'd collected several handguns during the fight). We briefly talked (he wasn't really hostile anymore), and I followed him into another room. I briefly thought about asking him about Claire, but decided against it.

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