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    Timothy Paradox

    18-03-29 Underground Base, Nuked City

    by , 03-29-2018 at 03:35 PM (67 Views)
    I was navigating a large underground base of some sort. The tunnels were concrete, and were well maintained and well-lit. I climbed down a series of ladders to get down to the lower levels. Almost at the bottom of the stairs, I was hit by a very strong draft. The draft got so strong, I had to hang on to the ladder for dear life, hanging horizontally with my legs being sucked back. Luckily, it stopped and I could safely continue on down. There was a man there, whom I spoke to about the draft. I found myself in a large open 'market', where food like fruit and vegetables were being traded. I wondered how that was possible, with such strong winds blowing through every once in a while. I was told the drafts came from the Endurance, a large spaceship that was being constructed in a hangar further down into the base.

    In a second dream, the plot was apparently continued. I exited an underground area after a lot of puzzling, and possibly blowing up a passage blocked by collapsed rubble. This area wasn't like the base, it more resembled an abandoned and dilapidated subway. Anyway... Once on the surface, I found myself in a major city, possibly NYC, which looked like it had been nuked. All that remained of the once proud skyscrapers were tall and partially molten down metal skeletons. There were a few people roaming the streets, looking ragged and dirty. Survivors. One man stood in front in the middle of the street, and tried to get their attention. I think he was a politician. I think he was calling for elections, saying it was man's last chance at restoring some semblance of order to society.

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