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    Timothy Paradox

    18-04-27 Dystopia, Groundhog Day

    by , 04-28-2018 at 12:31 AM (48 Views)
    A lot of cool world-building in this dream. It's (presumably) the future. Neo-Nazi groups have taken over vast swaths of Africa and the Middle-East. Europe is now one nation, the United States of Europe. The European refugee crisis and SJW culture has gotten so bad, cities now have entire (dilapidated) ghettos that are utterly lawless and where the 'refugees' can do whatever they want. Dare to criticize this state of affairs, and they call you a bigot. Basically, the present but worse. I think the North America was also one nation in this world.

    Anyway, me and two others walked through such a ghetto and visited an outdoor market where merchants hawked their wares. I saw the world map on a retro-looking computer screen in the wall (like an ATM, but not an ATM), highlighting the factions and the territories they controlled. Someone put something with a Neo-Nazi symbol on it into my friend's backpack, and he was immediately cornered by angry 'refugees'. No police here, so usually the scum just murders anyone they don't like. My friend (who looked like Brendon Hartley, a race driver in F1 and WEC) was a very smooth talker, and managed to talk his way out of it. When we walked away from the market, I expressed outrage over how they could just threaten someone's life and get away with it. Being SJWs, my friends ignored me, saying I was a racist. Apparently, liking law and order and disliking your country turning into a garbage dump ghetto is racist. Robin Williams was there too, and he spouted some stereotypical anti-Trump bullshit. Anyway...

    We arrived at some other shop, and some kid was behind the counter. My friend handed the kid a ring. The kid looked like he was getting a vision. He said he'd seen my friend in a vision of the future (the ring was 'connected' to him and acted as a conduit for the kid's ability), and said he had to save the world. We (myself and the second friend) also played a role, but more as sidekicks. What followed was bizarre. The world turned on its side. We were still in the room, and it was like gravity suddenly changed direction. It came from the side instead of below. Objects from the wall in the distance 'fell' toward us, and we had to dodge all the debris. The wall itself started crumbling and the glass of the windows broke. I struggled to dodge the razor-sharp glass shards. But time was also weird. The scene event kept repeating, like Groundhog Day. After a while, I knew exactly where every piece of debris would fall, so I could dodge it easily.

    Later on, this room was a crime scene. It looked like it had burned down. I was alone, and entered the building while the cops were still setting up their equipment. I was there to recover the ring, which was still there.

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